Don’t Give Up On Your Dream Business Because of Procrastination!

Hey there, Jerin Jacob here!

Struggling to build an impactful business even after you got enough time to innovate & to re-build your business during this lock-down?

It’s frustrating. But don’t worry. As you complete reading this, you will learn how to fix it. 

Do you know the #1 reason why your business fails to make an impact? It is not lack of marketing, not lack of resources or not lack of innovation. 

But because of your habit of procrastination. 

In order to make your business work, you! – the entrepreneur – has to work on all areas of the business including marketing, attracting resources and innovation. 

If you are caught up in the habit of procrastination, nothing will move.

A Mission to Fix Your Procrastination


Unfortunately, neither our current school system nor our society provides a solution to fix this procrastination habit in entrepreneurs rather they label these entrepreneurs as lazy and incompetent. 

But the reality is they are not lazy rather they are overwhelmed. They are not incompetent either rather they are confused because of procrastination.

I want to fix this problem of procrastination in entrepreneurs and help them unleash their full potential so that they can build an impactful business which progresses our humanity. 

That’s why I am on a mission to….


Empower 10,000 Entrepreneurs to Beat Procrastination by 2023 So that They Can Build an Ethical & Impactful Business.

How to Fix Your Procrastination?


After many years of my personal struggles with procrastination and doing in depth scientific research on human psychology.

I have created an unique methodology to end procrastination like never before. I call the methodology – The Action Loop. 

When you integrate this method in your life, you will move from procrastination to action taker and will continue to take focused actions as if you are in an endless loop.

In case you want to integrate this in your life and in turn want to build an impactful business. 

I am conducting this action oriented Masterclass to end procrastination. It’s called Procrastination Beater.


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Procrastination Beater Masterclass

How to Avoid Distractions & Become a Productivity Master without Procrastination in 7 Days

...Even If You Are Overwhelmed with Many Things to Do!

What You Will Learn?

Day 1: 
What Are The Top 3 Scientific Secrets Behind Your Procrastination?

Day 2: 
What Is Action Loop & How You Can Use Action Loop To Beat Procrastination?

Day 3: 
How To Set Achievable Targets In Your Business To Reach Your Next Level?

Day 4: 
How To Avoid Distractions To Get Laser-Focused On Your Tasks?

Day 5: 
How To Reprogram Your Limiting Belief System To Become A Productivity Master?

Day 6: 
How To Declutter Your Office Space & Working Time To Double Your Productivity?

Day 7: 
How To Maintain Your Peak Productivity Without Procrastination & Build An Impactful Business?

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What Are Your Unique Benefits?

Action-Oriented Class
You will be asked to take action based on each day to build your productivity, unlike other courses which ask to passively consume their content.

Individual Attention
You can ask an unlimited number of clarifying questions inside the group every day until the concepts and activities are clear for you.

No Up-Selling
You will get 100% value from this 7-day workshop. No hidden agenda to sell any upgraded version of this course, unlike the so-called gurus in the market.

100% Money Back Guarantee
You can ask for a full refund within 48 hours in any case you are not satisfied with the workshop. Only less than 0.1% of people use this option so far.

24/7 Chat Support
You can WhatsApp to the following number in case you have any queries before applying or in case you need any technical support after you have joined the program:

Apply for Procrastination Beater Masterclass


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