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WhatsApp Business App: Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Finally, after much anticipation “WhatsApp Business” app was launched in the early 2018.

But some of us say there is no much difference with the personal WhatsApp Messenger and some others say it’s a blessing to Small & Medium Scale businesses. You will find out which version is right as you go through the article.

This article will walk you through:

  1. The things to consider while installing the WhatsApp Business app,
  2. The features you should explore in the new app and
  3. How to leverage the app effectively for your business.

First of all, let’s start with the basic question.

What is WhatsApp Business app?

According to WhatsApp Inc. itself:

WhatsApp Business is a dedicated Android app which is free to download, and was built with the small business owner in mind. WhatsApp Business makes interacting with customers easy by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

Let’s explore more below.


1. Things to Consider While Installing WhatsApp Business


You can download the WhatsApp for Business from the following link in case you are an Android user:

Please consider the below steps while installing WhatsApp Business app:

Step 1: After opening the above link click on the Install button

Step 2: When prompted with an option to set a number for your business, you need to understand that in case you are giving your personal number then you no longer can use your personal WhatsApp Messenger with that number.

In case you think, you can restore back to your personal profile later, it’s not quite possible as WhatsApp Business won’t allow restoring the data back to the personal profile.

Interestingly, in case you have a business number and a personal number. WhatsApp allows you to use both the WhatsApp Business app and the personal WhatsApp Messenger in the same mobile provided you add respective mobile numbers in each of the apps.

You cannot use the same mobile number for both apps.

Step 3: Then they ask you to set the business name. Here you should understand that once the business name is set we cannot edit it or change it.

So make sure you decide whether you should give your company name or your personal brand to represent the mobile number to be used in the WhatsApp Business app.

Step 4: Then WhatsApp Business app will sync all the data from your personal WhatsApp in case you have used that number as personal WhatsApp Messenger before.

Best Practice: In case you have been using a number as your personal number for years and your customers also used to call to that number. It’s better to name your business name as your personal name itself. It will help you do the personal branding as well.

For Eg:

Here I used my name itself instead of my company name – HereNow Digital.

In case you have a separate business number, you can update it with your business name itself. Even you can set the logo of your business as the profile picture.


2. New Features in the WhatsApp Business


The basic working of the app is as same as of personal WhatsApp Messenger itself.

The additional thing you would find is a new option called Business Settings. To find it Tap the Menu Button > Settings > Business settings

Under the Business Settings you would find the following:

2.1. Profile

2.1 a) In this section, you can see the saved business name. But please note as told you earlier the business name is non-editable. So make sure you add the right business name or your personal brand name while registering.


2.1 b) In the next field, you can type in the business address and can pin the business location in the embedded Google Map.


2.1 c) Then you would be able to select your business’s Industry


2.1 d) Then there is an option to enter your business description, either you can explain about your product/service here or you can share your story/vision here! The later has a better impact.


2.1 e) After that, there is an option to set the business hours for your business.


2.1 f) Then you have an option to showcase your business email id. Make sure it’s a professional email with Eg:


2.1 g) Finally, there is an option to add your 2 websites. The recommended practice is adding your personal branding website and then your company website.


Check the below image:

2.2. Statistics

It’s a basic analytics data, it contains how many messages sent, delivered, read and received kind of data.

Initially, it may seem a small feature.

But in case you use this business account to send regular broadcast messages (that’s selecting multiple people from your contact list and sending a bulk message).

In such cases, this data will be beneficial for you to track the ‘delivery’ and ‘seen’ data. Even you can calculate Read Rate, Delivery Rate and Seen to Conversion Ratio etc.

In personal WhatsApp Messenger, there was no such tracking possible.

2.3. Messaging Tools

In this section, they have brought in some automation features.

They won’t mostly come up with fully automated options in the future for sure, as the essence of WhatsApp is being personal.

So we cannot expect more automation than this. Maybe they will bring more features, still, at the end of the day, they will design in such a way that someone has to personally continue the conversation with their customers.

Now let’s look into the Messaging tools in detail:

2.3 a) Away message

This is an interesting option, whenever you are busy with a meeting or going for a lunch break or anything you can set an automated reply message to anyone who messages you in that time period, that you are away and will respond soon!

Also, whenever someone messages you after the business hours, you can use this feature to humanly acknowledge the end user. Provided you set the business schedule or the business hours in the profile section.

But all these functionalities will work, only when we keep the internet connection active on the mobile.


Check the image below:

2.3 b) Greeting Messages

In this section, you can set a message which will automatically send to anyone who messages your business for the first time. Or messages your business sometime after 14 days.

This functionality also would work only when an active internet connection is on in the mobile.

2.3 c) Quick Replies

This would be the most used and most productive feature in the WhatsApp Business app in case you clearly understand how to use it. 

In here you can store certain message templates which your business use regularly to communicate with your prospects and customers.

Detailed steps on using it effectively below:

Step 1:

In order to create a template or a quick reply. There would be a “+” button in the Quick Replies section, you can use it to create a message template with a shortcode. Shortcode is a word to identify the template.     

Step 2:

Save it. It will be listed on the next screen.

Step 3: 

Simply press “/” character whenever you want to use the stored template then a popup with the list of templates which you created will show up. You may select the one you want to use in that context.

3. How to Use WhatsApp Business Effectively


3.1. Human-Focused + WhatsApp Business

Many small and medium scale businesses have been using personal WhatsApp Messenger as an alternative to telemarketing.

Instead of calling they would message in WhatsApp.With the new WhatsApp Business, they will be able to automate a certain process and will be able to reach out more people now.

The effective way for such activities is to understand that the other end of our message is a walking talking person just like us, make sure the messages are very personalized.

Regardless of whether it’s personal WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business app, it’s created for person to person communication.

So WhatsApp Business app based campaigns will work when it’s a human-focused marketing campaign (not product focused).

That means you need to ask the right engaging questions to understand your prospects pain points as well as their aspirations.

Then pitch your product or service as a solution.

3.2 Traditional Marketing + WhatsApp Business

Traditional marketing channels like newspaper ads, hoarding and billboards etc. can use WhatsApp Business effectively by adding the WhatsApp number in their ads and ask the customer to send a WhatsApp message to the business number.

And the prospective customers will get an automated response with a product catalogue or something which adds value to them. (You can use the Greeting Message feature here).

In the process, the advertiser gets very engaged leads. By following up with a well-crafted sequence of messages (You can use the Quick Replies feature here)  there is a better chance of conversion.


3.3 Facebook + WhatsApp Business

In continuation of the above point, WhatsApp Business can be best used for lead generation and sales when combined with Facebook ads.

The power of Facebook ads is that we can pinpoint any kind of target audience and reach out to them.

Once those leads are generated we need to combine WhatsApp Business to send personalized messages. Which will, in turn, produce better conversions much faster than any other channels. Also with higher Return On Investment (ROI).

There are endless opportunities to innovate using these simple features in the app. So go ahead and explore WhatsApp for Business and see how you can integrate it into your business.

Hope this article has been helpful to you to get an understanding of WhatsApp Business app.

Thank you!

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