How this Entrepreneur Build a £50 Million a Year Company After his Biggest Failure? (with Kalpesh Patel, London)

Today, we have Kalpesh Patel (Professional Inspirational Speaker & Entrepreneur) with us.

At the age of 23, he lost everything he had built till then as a young entrepreneur.

After years of frustration, and when he almost lost hope in himself, he read a book which made him gain back everything.

And even went on to build his new company to a £50 million sales a year.

I am interviewing Kalpesh Patel (Entrepreneur and an International Speaker from London, UK)

Let’s dive into his inspiring entrepreneurial journey to learn how he has bounced back from his set back & also let’s find out about that book which changed his life.
Ethical Entrepreneur Interview with Kalpesh Patel, Hosted by Jerin Jacob


Jerin Jacob: Welcome Kalpesh, happy to have you with us!

Kalpesh Patel: Thank you! Glad to be here.

Q 1: So let me start off by asking about your personal life, please share little about it and your family?

Kalpesh Patel: Well, I’m still single lol. However, I live with my family who is at the top of my values.

My amazing mother, legend brother, his beautiful wife and my 2 angel nieces and super-hero nephew.

Together sit in my heart.

Jerin Jacob: That’s awesome Kalpesh. Sending love to all of them!

Q 2: On your website, you shared that you can truly relate to the Hollywood movie – “The Pursuit of Happyness”Can you elaborate and share a little bit about your story?

Kalpesh Patel: My story is a movie in itself and would take too long to type here but I can give pointers.

I refer to the challenges most entrepreneurs and visionaries face, we often take ourselves for granted.

As pioneers, we take huge risks, sacrifice so much and pay the price of success up front and in advance.

People rarely acknowledge what it takes for most of us and we are too quick to dismiss recognition.

I am all about empowering and inspiring those on this path.

:: My Brief Story ::

I started selling chocolates to kids in school age 11, was earning a full-time income in lunch hour by age 14.

Was buying and selling cars at age 18.

Stepped into fathers business at 19.

When he had a heart transplant. In his 2 year absence, by being in a hospital, I doubled his turnover.

At 21 I opened my 1st “sweet shop” and went on to buy, turn around and sell businesses.

My father and my superhero, he passed away when I was 23.

He was 51, left my mother and younger brother behind.

We grew stronger although I lost myself for 2 years.

I destroyed everything I touched in business, relationship, family and friendships.

Age 26 I was introduced to a personal development book and this was the turning point.

That was in 1995 and the rest as they say… is his-story.

Now, I’ve dedicated my life to mastering my inner self and teaching success strategies in business and in life to the world.

Jerin Jacob: Thank you for sharing your downs and ups on the journey, truly inspiring.

Q 3: So that one book changed your perspective on life and I understand that you have been an avid reader of transformational books since then!

Would you share a little about “the book” that changed your life and the books you would recommend for entrepreneurs?

Kalpesh Patel: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

That was the 1st book I ever read from page to page multiple times and impacted me on so many levels.

It was a book that helped me to distinguish and understand what I was doing already by accident as a successful businessman.

It opened the gates to a plethora of Books, Tapes and Videos that I devoured.

I implemented my learnings quickly and used this information to transform my Self from the inside and it wasn’t long before the results reflected outside.

Jerin Jacob: Thank you Kalpesh. Yes, Think and Grow Rich is a must-read for anyone who wants to take control of their lives. Other book recommendations for Entrepreneurs?

Kalpesh Patel: I now have over 1000 books, CDs and DVDs in my collection over 2 decades.

Which would I recommend most? …a tough task, the classics are always closest to my heart.

Every true entrepreneur must read:

1. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

2. Conversations with God is also cherished as it balances my entrepreneurial drive with a passion for my relationship with my spirit.

A non-religious approach broadens conversations.

3. Books like the Richest Man in Babylon are also easy re-reads.

I read poetry too as it engaged my heart and soul.

This is what has given birth to the idea of the Enlightened Entrepreneur movement where we take responsibility for the business and management decisions we make.

Jerin Jacob: Oh my God! That’s indeed a great collection of books. Appreciate deeply that you are able to pick 3 books from your huge collection.

Kalpesh Patel: Thanks. It’s not any justice but a great start.

Q 4: That brings me to ask about your Enlightened Entrepreneur movement, please share more details about it and how someone can be a part of it?

Kalpesh Patel: Well, I’ve made it really easy, it’s a commitment to simply Do the Right Thing in business.

Too many small minded hustlers are after grabbing the next buck and robbing and stealing by cutting corners and being selfish.

I believe in greater good, a philosophy that says think Win – Win – Win.

It is absolutely possible and means you are not committed to profit at any cost, rather profit is a natural bi-product or output function of delivering genuine value and putting humans first.

Most business owners are not near ready for this conversation but those that are, we are literally changing our world and the world’s of those we touch.

I am currently looking at formalizing this but governance isn’t simple as I can not endorse if one practices what we teach, perhaps a vote based site in future.

Jerin Jacob: Wow, that’s a very phenomenal initiative. The future of entrepreneurship will definitely be based on combining the Win for the Entrepreneur, Win for the People and Win for the Society – not just one Win, but a Win for all of them. That’s awesome.

Kalpesh Patel: I am totally committed to this way of thinking and demonstrating it in my businesses.

Q 5: You could start this kind of awesome initiative because you have a great value system. From your website and personally, I understand that Honesty is the top value you hold in your life. 

Why is Honesty so important for you? Why is Honesty so important as an entrepreneur according to you?

Kalpesh Patel: I truly believe that authenticity opens deeper connections with other genuine souls.

Being a leader means being true to your word and integrous in your actions.

The more authentic we are with ourselves the more we increase our vibrational frequency and this is attractive to others on this path.

Integrous people are few and find each other more easily.

Living a lie expands as a negative drain on our possibility and destroys our true higher self.

Of course one can “succeed” materially with lies and deceit.

I’m referring to a higher level of success, that of the human as a spiritual being.

Success is the ability to remain consistent in an ever-changing environment.

Jerin Jacob: Great! It’s is turning out to be one of the most insightful conversations in the Ethical Entrepreneurs series. Thank you so much Kalpesh for sharing.

Kalpesh Patel: It’s an honour to be able to share with open hearts, minds and spirits.

Q 6: As an entrepreneur, one can contribute so much and be really authentic when they learn to find time to unwind themselves by taking a conscious vacation from work. 

Talk us into, why travelling and the adventurous activities you do are so important? Share with us the beautiful places you have been to?

Kalpesh Patel: I love experiencing life in as many ways as possible.

I see this opportunity as an agreement made beforehand with the universe, to come to earth for a few years and taste its fruits in human form.

What an incredibly exciting offer.

What a shame if we spend our time in the same place when there is so much available, the proverbial fish in a tank on the edge of the sea comes to mind.

Travel also allows us to understand that there is life beyond our experience.

People with different languages, colours, traditions, religions, sexual preferences, ideas, rules, restrictions, foods, clothes, cultures etc. this expands us to no end.

I’ve been to dozens of countries and some I’ve been blessed to have visited many times.

I get invited to speak to their people about my thoughts and experiences.

I have explored South Africa, East Africa, Europe, USA, much of Asia.

I’ve got much more to explore in Canada and the Far East.

Jerin Jacob: Super awesome!

Q 7: Kalpesh, so you have been to this Speaking / Mentoring / Coaching industry for quite awhile, why is it important for a business to engage a trainer like you in their business? What kind of businesses do you work with?

Kalpesh Patel: Well, as the owners or CEO of a business we have expertise in certain areas but these also obscure our view from that Which we do not know.

Like they say, even the best coaches struggle to coach themselves beyond a certain point.

Having a non-expert can help you see the blind spots.

Also, sharpening our own skills regularly Is of the paramount importance if we are committed to greatness and delivering outstanding results.

A successful business mentor is someone that has been where you are and is where you’d love to be.

They can help navigate the path even though it’s different for each person, the nature of the journey is similar.

For example. I built a business to £50 million a year sales in 1996 to 2001.

This taught me things I’d never known.

Since then I’ve helped a few owners grow their businesses to that level and couple of companies to grow even bigger.

But my biggest passion is when I help SMEs go from £1m to x3 or x5.

It’s a jungle many fail to pass as they try to do too much themselves.

My main passion and gift are on stage – inspiring start-up entrepreneurs through sharing stories and interactive Q&A style seminars with 100 to 200 people, less interactive with larger audiences.

Jerin Jacob: Great. Hope you would inspire many more entrepreneurs in the days ahead.

Q 8: That comes to the question I ask everyone in the Ethical Entrepreneur Interview Series, what is your personal definition of Ethical Business and Ethical Entrepreneur?

Kalpesh Patel: Simply put, it’s doing the right things by all involved.

Heart centred thinking combined with a commitment to higher values and the greater good.

Bring a mindset that says, there must be a better way for a better world.

Every decision we make, the action we take and choices we live by ripples into the future for our children to learn from and be inspired by.

It’s what we would do if no one was judging that defines who we are.

We all know in the depths of our souls what is ethical and what is not.

Jerin Jacob: That’s insightful.

Q 9: Well, we are about to wind up the session. Now let’s dive into and talk about your city – London. Tell us about the opportunities and the places we must see there.

Kalpesh Patel: London is a melting pot of religions, people, history, architecture, foods, nightlife, day life, colours, shopping, tourism, sightseeing, Old and New, museums and culture.

All senses are engaged in so many ways. Stunning by day, even more so by night.

There is never a day where there is nothing to do, with all that said, rain, cold, grey, windy – for many months a year. So if you are not into that, June to Sept is the optimal time to visit.

Opportunity is always abundant everywhere in the world, it’s in the eye of the beholder.

I believe there is more opportunity in India today than ever in history and love watching my Bharat from afar and admiring the shifts and progress being made as we prepare ourselves as a global powerhouse delivering business and personal life examples to the world.

All international eyes are on India for the next 2 to 4 decades – it’s time to shine.

It’s natural for us all to take our environment for granted. Learn to add a new perspective.

Jerin Jacob: Indeed a new perspective – “opportunities are everywhere”, it’s all about how we see it. That’s inspiring for many who read this from any part of the world.

Q 10: Finally, do you have anything to those who have been reading this long yet very thoughtful sharings from you, should I link them to anywhere they can further connect with you or any other offer you can add further value to them?

Kalpesh Patel: [sociallocker id=”474″]It’s been a real pleasure sharing with you Jerin Jacob. May you continue to inspire many in your tribe and keep sharing great wisdom with Ethical Entrepreneurs.

Of course, people can stay connected with me on all social media channels which can be found on my

Where they can also sign up for my newsletter and receive some free eBooks.[/sociallocker]

Jerin Jacob: Thank you Kaplesh for your kind words. It’s wonderful talking to you. Keep inspiring!

Please comment below in case you want to ask anything to Kalpesh Patel which I missed asking.

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