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Why Should Your Business Have Strong Social Media Presence?

Everyone knows the importance of social media and half of them already have a Facebook page for their business. But the truth of the matter is that they are not active as they should be.

Let me share the 3 reasons why you should be active on social media:

  1. Door-to-door Selling Don’t Work Anymore

People still thinks that cold calling to 1000 numbers and knocking the doors randomly 1000 times would produce good results. Those days are over because your prospects have hundreds of options online and offline now than ever. So it’s hard to sell with cold calling or door to door.

So the solution is to build a community around your brand. How? Technically to create one, you can use Facebook Group or GooglePlus Community.

But to make your target audience join in the community, you need to have the right strategy. It starts with the right name for the community, in case you are a bookstore the right community name would be: Book Lovers, in case you are a home builder then the right community name would be My Dream Home likewise.

You may find a hidden idea in the below tips to grow your community, read on!

  1. No One Looks At Billboards But Does Look At Their Smart-Phones

Just like cold calling, billboards are not engaging your prospects, you need to provide value on a daily basis, then only they will look for the brand behind the value messages.

You cannot update Billboards daily, but you can do that in social media. And your target audience looks into their smartphones more often than anything outside. So daily relevant posts in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and GooglePlus mean you are adding value to your target audience.

Then they would buy from you more than your competitor who continues to showcase their boring yet expensive billboards daily.

  1. Your Audience Don’t Read Newspapers

Increasing number of people are reading news online than reading the regular newspapers. More than news, they read everything online now. They research about a certain topic in Google and read it. Anything before they do physically whether it’s a purchase or a consultation or attending an event, they do research about it digitally first.

So running ads. in a newspaper would be a sheer waste of money. Instead, write blogs which can educate your target audience about your product or service. Write blogs which can provide some good solutions to their problems. Then they will see you and your brand as the authority in your industry.

Later when they are ready to buy, where else they will look for, from the authority, from the value provider. That’s you and your brand!


Hope the 3 reasons why you should be active on social media has helped you to decide to be active on business social media. And don’t forget to build a community around your brand, do daily posting to add value, and to write blogs to educate your prospects. This way you can scale your business much faster than ever.

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