Meet Jerin Jacob

Business Growth Consultant & Founder of

Jerin Jacob

Jerin Jacob is a Game Developer turned Digital Entrepreneur.
and the Founder of and InboxREACHER.

He helps entrepreneurs to have predictable and faster growth in their businesses. His specialty is in helping Service-Based Businesses and Life Coaches.

Jerin Jacob’s Business Growth Story:

Hi, I’m Jerin Jacob. I would like to share a bit about my story.

I grew up in a middle class family where no-one heard about the term “entrepreneurship”.

My parents were govt. school teachers.

I was an average student in school and studied my first half of school education in English  medium and the second half in Malayalam medium (that’s a story for another day).

One day, in a Sunday Supplement Newspaper, I read the story about the Founders of Google.

Which ignited a passion in me to follow my education in Computer Science.

Later, I was fascinated about computer games, initially to play it, later to develop those my own.

There were no-one I knew who were developing computer games, it wasn’t in my academic computer science syllabus either. But I was able to figure it out myself and built some good computer games.

Long-story short. After college I was hired to one of the top Gaming Company in India.

I thought, I have “made it” in my life – Passionate job, corporate life, fun working environment.

Until then I read the full story of Google Founders that they were not just computer programmers, they were entrepreneurs who build multiple things to solve the problems of everyday people.

Just Start, Where ever You Are:

When the entrepreneur bug bitten me, even-though I was working on a corporate job.

I went on and started my first business part-time, which was an eBook publishing and selling portal.

The eBook industry was booming.

But my business was crashing and burning.

The biggest challenge I faced was to market its services.

Eventually, I failed in my first business. But learned many lessons which any business book could provide.

After the frustration of the failure, I dedicated to learn everything related to marketing, that led me to digital personal branding and business growth hacking.

I knew learning was not enough, I implemented everything which I learnt.

Don’t Follow the Leader, Follow Your Heart:

Because of doing proper and authentic personal branding via social media.

I ended by starting a new partnership business with a well-known leader and an established entrepreneur.

I jumped off from my corporate job without any safety net.

I was very passionate and wanted to serve the world with our new services.

But the leader’s partner who he brought into the picture later, was more interested in deceiving people and to give fake offers to make money somehow.

I always wanted to do business ethically that means to do business without harming anybody and by adding more value than we are paid for.

I told the leader that I wanted to do the business ethically. He also believed so, but couldn’t convince his partner.

So I had to quit the business partnership. 

My First Business Success:

In between, I got married to a beautiful and intelligent woman who understands the essence of entrepreneurship.

Later with the support of my wife, we have co-founded – HereNow Digital – along with a passionate team.

I have been running the business quite well so far. We have helped more than 50+ entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster with digital personal branding and business growth hacking services over the years.

I always wanted to travel the world. And we went to our first international trip together last year, all because of entrepreneurship.

Now, when I talk to many veteran business owners, they don’t believe that doing-good and running-a-business can go hand-in-hand.

The fact is, it should go together. For better profitability, greater impact in the society and for sound sleep.

I strongly believe that when ethical businesses grow, those businesses would naturally contribute to the growth of the whole humanity.

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The Purpose:

The very purpose behind starting this blog is to share strategies and ideas to help ethical entrepreneurs with predictable and faster growth using the magic of digital personal branding and business growth hacking.

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