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Jerin JacobHey there, Jerin Jacob here.

Welcome to my blog!

And thank you for visiting my About page.

I am passionate about helping ethical entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by leveraging the power of online personal branding.

I have been in the digital marketing industry for more than 7 years now.

Let me share the story of why this blog was created for awesome people like you!



First Business:

I was working on a corporate job.

Yet I started my first business part-time, which was an eBook publishing and selling portal.

The eBook industry was booming.

But my business was crashing and burning.

The biggest challenge I faced was to market its services.

Eventually, I failed in my first business.

After the frustration of the failure, I dedicated to learning everything related to marketing, that led me to online personal branding.

I knew learning was not enough, I implemented everything which I learnt.

Second Business:

Because of doing proper and authentic personal branding via online.

I ended by starting a new partnership business with a well-known leader and an established entrepreneur.

I was very passionate and wanted to serve the world with our new services.

But the leader’s partner who he brought into the picture later, was more interested in deceiving people and to give fake offers to make money somehow.

I always wanted to do business ethically that means without harming anybody and by contributing to the greater good of humanity.

I told the leader that I wanted to do the business ethically. He also believed so, but couldn’t convince his partner.

So I had to quit the partnership. 

Third Business:

Later with the support of my wife, we have co-founded the online personal branding agency named – HereNow Digital – along with a passionate team of online personal branding experts.

By applying what I had learnt from the pioneers of the industry, in our new business and for our clients, we started getting great results.

Now, I have been running the business quite well so far. We have helped more than 80+ entrepreneurs grow their business faster with digital personal branding services.

But when I talk to many business owners, they think that doing-good and running-a-business cannot go hand-in-hand.

The fact is, it should go together. For better profitability and greater impact in the society.

Ethical Business & Personal Branding:

I strongly believe that when ethical businesses grow, those businesses would naturally contribute to the growth of the whole humanity.

In case you can connect to the idea of being an Ethical Entrepreneur, feel free to join the Global Ethical Entrepreneurs Facebook community by clicking the below button:

In order to make ethical businesses to succeed, the entrepreneurs behind those businesses should do authentic personal branding via online.

That’s is to become the face of their business by projecting their true value systems to the world.

That would make the world to fall in love with them and in turn to their business.

In case you refer the history of legendary businesses, there is always a man as the face of their business.

Be it – Steve Jobs for Apple Inc, Henry Ford for Ford Motors, Thomas Edison for GE, Elon Musk for Tesla, that’s how greatest of the greatest men promoted their business.

By being the human face of their brands.


The very purpose behind starting this blog is to help ethical entrepreneurs to grow their businesses 10x times using the magic of authentic online personal branding.

Mentors & Connections:

During this journey, I have met and connected with some really heartful mentors and friends who are impacting the world with their ethical businesses and personal brands:

Including some of their photos here, to show my utmost gratitude and love for them!

Dame D C Cordova
with Dame D C Cordova (CEO & Owner at Money&You and Excellerated Business School, USA) She is the pioneer in the experiential, entrepreneurial and transformational programs. The breakthrough in the careers of Robert T Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and many such industry leaders happened after graduating from her programs.


With Adelene Bek (Homeschooling Expert & Worldwide Program Director for Money&You)Myself and my wife (Ancy Jerin) has never met such a heartful and an authentic person in our life like her.


with Brigadier Sushil Bhasin (International Trainer for Trainers and Author) He has been making waves in the training industry with his unique experiential training program for trainers – Train The Super Trainer – TTST


Dr. Thomas Issac with Jerin Jacob
With Dr. Thomas Issac (The Financial Minister, Kerala, India – 2016-2021) Privileged to meet the current minister for the state. He is truly a humble intellect with a passion for innovation.


Sajeev Nair with Jerin Jacob
With Sajeev Nair (Serial Entrepreneur, Author and Peak Performance Coach) Have a good personal and working relationship with him. Worked along with him on a number of projects.


Dominique Lyone with Jerin Jacob
With Dominique Lyone (CEO, COS, Australia – 2nd largest office supplies business in Australia worth more than 200 million USD) Humbled and privileged to meet this multi-millionaire with a great heart for the humanity. He is giving back more than a million dollar to the society through his foundations.


With Andrew Barron (CEO at The Barron Timbers, New Zealand) He is a multi-millionaire worth more than 30 million. He is giving back to the society by being a trainer supporting 1000 of entrepreneurs to grow their business.


with Dr. Ramesh Nambiar (Founder, SHINE-ADA and thought leader) Privileged to have a very close and personal relationship with this great man who speaks for humanity everytime he stands up


Dr. h.c. Azeeza Jalaludeen with Jerin Jacob
With Dr. h.c. Azeeza Jalaludeen (Co-founder SHINE-NextWave, International Professional Trainer and Alignment Coach) Last not the least, I have more than 7 years of personal and business connection with Azeeza. She is a great mentor and a family friend.


Thank you for reading this far. Really looking forward to adding value to your life in whichever way possible from my end. Sending love and gratitude to you!