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Digital Nomads and Their Impact on Human Race!

Digital nomads are the ones who are location independent and self-sustaining individuals.

They earn and work by following their obsessive dreams from anywhere in the world they love. They travel. They contribute. They inspire others to enjoy the same freedom than to be stuck in any kind of a system!

I believe near future generations are going to be a generation of digital nomads.

That would be the end of the wars as they don’t believe in any kind of geographical boundaries.

That would be the end of poverty – in the context of the quote “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” – as people start to learn how easy it is to ‘catch a fish’ (earn a living) through the internet than waiting for ‘to be fed with a fish’ by anyone else.

But to create a sustainable and co-creating society, the future and the current education system should be in the direction to instil love, ethics, honesty and compassion. Because learning technical skills to earn a living won’t be a challenge at all in the digital nomads’ generation!

Your thoughts?

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  1. It’s amazing how technology has given us so much freedom in our lives. Now we can work on the go, manage our home life from elsewhere, etc. I can only imagine how much less tethered we’ll be in future generations.

  2. Interesting article! Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by all that technology, but let’s be honest: we all use it every day. Today it’s just necessary. Future generations will have to face a big issue: all memorable usernames will be already taken 🙂

  3. Technology is my work and my life BUT still trying to live some hours without using technological things like reading a book , we should teach that to the future generation.

  4. Technology has become such a beneficial and active item in our society. It helps us connect emotionally with others, helps us network and globalize. Digital nomad may just be the future, as I think we are slowly but surely getting there!

  5. Yes, a lot of people now are doing what they love now. like they resigned from their job and travel and share it to people. This people are really great contributor and technology has a big part on it.

  6. I think this post is very interesting, I agree with the old saying about teach a man to fish and he will eat forever, education and doing for yourself is always much better in sustaining life. I do see more and more people breaking out of their bounds for something more and moving closer to a generation of digital nomads, the population will continue to grow. great thoughts on your post

  7. It is a great way of looking at the impact of the digital revolution. The world has shrunk and its people more connected beyond the physical boundaries of states and countries. Hopefully we shall see the diminishing of borders and the cessations of wars.

  8. I have always seen technology as a good thing. I appreciate how it’s changed the way we do a lot of things, how it has educated us, how we all see more of the world, and how it has made our lives easier.

    I’m lucky and am grateful to have lived during this time and I could only hope that what you mentioned about instilling love, honesty, and ethics be part of all our cultures.

  9. Technology has taken us to new levels. As a teacher, I use technology in my classroom and so do my students. It is very different from when I was growing up. What our kids will be able to do in the future is mesmerizing and it is all due to technology.

  10. The freedom of being able to do just about anything from anywhere these days is truly astounding! It will be interesting to see what is opened up for the next generation, also!