How You Too Can Innovate Like Apple?

There are two types of entrepreneurs, one set who loves copying ideas from their competitors and another set who believes in coming up with original ideas. Some say copying ideas are not the right business practice and are unethical. Another set says it’s perfectly okay to copy rather than reinventing the wheel.

The right way should be the middle way which has been used by one of the greatest innovative company – Apple Inc. Read on!

Earth’s most valuable company – Apple’s guiding principle has been the famous quote of the greatest artist Pablo Picasso which is

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand its real meaning and they think it is a green signal to do bad acts like stealing.

But the true essence of the quote is this: when Picasso used ‘copy’ he meant – ‘using as it is’ without improving anything on the copied idea.

By the word ‘steal’ he meant – ‘making your own’ by improving upon the existing idea. For that, one needs to do tremendous amount of innovation. 

How You Can Do It?

Japanese way of innovation is the perfect example. They are known for their expertise in market research. From the ideas they get through the market research, they will come up with something completely new to the market.

In case you want an easy way to ‘steal’ like great artists. Do the market research on your idea. Then connect the existing ideas and package it to a new product.

Eg: Before iPhone – there was the touch screen, there was PDAs, there was internet connectivity on mobile phones. But Steve Jobs and the Apple team packaged all the aforementioned technologies after improving each of them. The outcome is way greater than the sum of its parts – the iPhone.

Market research + connect the existing ideas + improve & package it as a single unit = disruptive product/service

Who knows the idea which “you have made your own” through relentless innovation can change the world for the better. Keep innovating!

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3 Simple Tricks to Become Like Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg!

First of all my apologies to disappoint you by telling the truth that you cannot become Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg anymore; those names have been already defined by themselves.

Yet don’t worry, you have an interesting choice that is to become the best version of yourself and make people write articles with your names as the subject line, just like this one.

So this article is about the #3 Simple Tricks to Become Your Best Self not to become someone else. Fair enough? Here we go:

1. Never Close Your Mind

Steve Jobs

To become something of valuable to the world you should keep your heart and mind widely open to new ideas and latest technological advancements. In case you shut your minds’ door closed you will never be able to learn anything new. That will, in turn, keep you stuck in wherever you are.

So rather than being a victim to your current realities, go ahead, open up and learn even the most unconventional ideas. When you go to the edges of your limits and learn, then your limits expand, so as your mind, so as your life.

When Steve Jobs was young he bunked his regular classes to learn calligraphy. Which later helped him to integrate fonts in Mac which  in turn was copied by Microsoft. Now these awesome fonts are everywhere. The point is, the beautiful letters you are reading right now is because one man’s decision to be open and to learn out of his comfort zone.

2. Act On It First

When new ideas are being passed on to you, rather than blindly believing and submissively following, do try the concept yourself and then find out whether it is good for you as a person. It can be a new habit or a new idea or a new technique, whatever it is, try it first, experience its goodness then only go ahead and make it a part of your being or your project.

When Mark Zuckerberg got this idea from a co-student to create a social platform for college students. He didn’t do a market research or didn’t go on to find a mentor to be consulted. He started acting on the idea the very night itself. Mark innovated on it and then he found out it can be used to connect a larger audience not just college students. That’s how Facebook was born.

3. Read Books Which Transforms You

Above #2 ways are easy to integrate into your life. But to make reading as a habit takes conscious effort. Look around, you will realise that reading is that single habit which successful people embrace while mediocre tend to embarrass. Read vigorously and read the books which are even outside of your comfort zone.

You will be amazed to experience the drastic life transformation happens in you even by reading a single book. But you should take care of choosing the right books which are worthy of your time.

As far as Steve Jobs is concerned he was reading all the time. When he visited India, he read Autobiography of a Yogi several times. And read that book every year.

And Mark Zuckerberg has been a part of #AYearOfBooks initiative where he reads a new book every #2 weeks.

So open up, act and read to become legendary not like Steve and Mark but like your best self.

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How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Business?

Many people have been using Hashtags everywhere without really understanding its basics. Some people use Hashtags to tag their friends, some Hashtag their company names so on and so forth. But Hashtags are not really meant for those purposes. This article explains Hashtags in layman’s terms. Read on.

HereNow Digital - How to use hashtags to promote your business

Hashtag Basics:

To simply put, Hashtag is a powerful way to broadcast your thoughts around the world under a specific topic through social-media.

For those who don’t know what Hashtag exactly is: It’s a certain keyword we use in social-media preceding with an hash character (‘#’), to collectively share a message on any topic. And it will be automatically grouped together under that specific topic across the world in that particular social-media.

For example, please see the sample post below:

“I have doubled my business using social-media. #DigitalMarketingVsTraditionalMarketing”.

Here as you know the #DigitalMarketingVsTraditionalMarketing is a Hashtag. You might have already noticed  that Hashtag never contains spaces between words – in case you are using multiple words. Also special characters like – ‘&’, ‘*’, ‘+’ etc. are not allowed.

There are two ends to Hashtag:

  1. Broadcasting end: Above example of posting a piece of content with an Hashtag in any social-media is the broadcasting end. The broadcasters of the Hashtags are – you, me and anyone around the world.
  1. Listing end: Here all the Hashtag messages will be listed under each particular Hashtag. To get a real sense of what is it all about, type ‘#DigitalIndia’ in the Facebook search. You will see hundreds of posts on #DigitalIndia in one single thread.

This is the place where real equality happens. Your message or your brand’s message will be enlisted along with any powerful person in the world or with any international brand. That means your message could be read along with Barak Obama or with Apple Inc. or with anyone who has Hash-tagged under that topic.

So next-time when you Hashtag, do a little research on what to Hashtag. you might end-up initiating a viral post – a trending post in the social-media world.

Tips to use Hashtags effectively:

  1. Don’t use more than 1 or 2 relevant Hashtags in each post, or it will reduce the engagement from your target users, there are authentic survey reports on the same.
  1. Do not use Hashtag in between the post, it will affect the readability of your post. Add Hashtags right after the post content which will guide your audience to further look into those Hashtag threads.
  1. Suggestion: Use only 2 Hashtags per post – let the first Hashtag represent your brand’s campaign and another a general Hashtag which is from your industry.For example, I generally use: #StayEthical and #LeadGeneration. The first hashtag will help to create a conversation under our brand’s vision. Other, the general one will help to reach out to new audience who are searching for Lead Generation.
  1. Use the same Hashtag in all social-media platforms to create the brand identity.
  1. Use pipe symbol (|) in between each Hashtag for better readability and to keep it neat and clean.Eg: #DigitalIndia | #InternetMarketing

5.5 You can even Hashtag the word Hashtag 😉

Happy hash-tagging!

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