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How You Too Can Innovate Like Apple?

There are two types of entrepreneurs, one set who loves copying ideas from their competitors and another set who believes in coming up with original ideas. Some say copying ideas are not the right business practice and are unethical. Another set says it’s perfectly okay to copy rather than reinventing the wheel.

The right way should be the middle way which has been used by one of the greatest innovative company – Apple Inc. Read on!

Earth’s most valuable company – Apple’s guiding principle has been the famous quote of the greatest artist Pablo Picasso which is

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand its real meaning and they think it is a green signal to do bad acts like stealing.

But the true essence of the quote is this: when Picasso used ‘copy’ he meant – ‘using as it is’ without improving anything on the copied idea.

By the word ‘steal’ he meant – ‘making your own’ by improving upon the existing idea. For that, one needs to do tremendous amount of innovation. 

How You Can Do It?

Japanese way of innovation is the perfect example. They are known for their expertise in market research. From the ideas they get through the market research, they will come up with something completely new to the market.

In case you want an easy way to ‘steal’ like great artists. Do the market research on your idea. Then connect the existing ideas and package it to a new product.

Eg: Before iPhone – there was the touch screen, there was PDAs, there was internet connectivity on mobile phones. But Steve Jobs and the Apple team packaged all the aforementioned technologies after improving each of them. The outcome is way greater than the sum of its parts – the iPhone.

Market research + connect the existing ideas + improve & package it as a single unit = disruptive product/service

Who knows the idea which “you have made your own” through relentless innovation can change the world for the better. Keep innovating!

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