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The “S” Word Which Can Build or Demolish Your Life!

Ever thought, why it’s so tough to reach the next level of your life, even after putting all the hard-work and committing yourself 100% to your mission?

Then, you will find some answers as you complete reading this…

By the way, even after you have got this greatest dream and the daring mission in life, have you ever tried selling yourself short?

In other words, not showing your full potential when you get an opportunity, stayed invisible or even unspoken within a group of people.

In case you have done so, there are a couple of things happen deep inside of your mind…

Once you sell yourself short, it creates an unconscious belief system that you are less worthy than your true potential.

This unconscious belief system which is the – “S”  word I was talking about in the headline is “Self Image”.

When you feed your self-image on a regular basis by selling yourself short. This will dramatically change you as a person. It will create a new identity inside of you which believes that you are not good enough.

Then it will become a downward spiral. That is, the more you sell yourself short, the more badly your “Self-Image” get affected, then the less you achieve. Which again makes you sell yourself short, then it affects your “Self-Image” badly which again makes you achieve less. This cycle continues on an unconscious level which you never notice.

This is the main reason, why people with low self-image usually won’t achieve massive success even after they hustle everyday like crazy.

So unless they nurture their “Self Image” and re-program it to believe in a successful self-image they will continue to roll down from the mountain of life.

Now, let’s see how you can re-program your self-image:

The first step to tackling the low self-image issues is to be aware that you are selling yourself short and it’s badly affecting you.

The second step would be to find a way to consciously build a successful self-image. Here are some suggestions which you can include in your daily routine that can help you live your full potential:

1. Write down a list of positive affirmations which can uplift you.

2. Read them every day with positive feelings.

3. Meditate with positive visualization about yourself.

This builds an upward spiral for success, which means, the more you practice the above activities, the better your “Self-Image” becomes, which in turn helps you achieve more, which enables you to practice the above steps again… this time the cycle continues in the positive direction.

Now, ever after you have done all these, some things in your life might go wrong unexpectedly, which could derail your self-image.

In such cases, instead of dwelling on them too much, what you can do is…

Before going to sleep that night, reflect on the scenario which you felt hurt or wasn’t gone as per your plan, then what you need to do is re-create that same scenario in your mind in the way you wanted it to go.

This will build a new “Self-Image” in you that every day you are living your full potential. Which will help you to stay in the upward spiral for success. Then even before you know, you will start flying above the mountain of life.

So let me conclude with this amazing quote by Carl Band: “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending”.

In case you believe that you have a positive self-image then help someone to start building one. Otherwise, first, start working on yourself and then pay it forward by helping others to nurture their self-image for a brand new ending. Great luck either way!

P.S. By the way, what you were thinking when you read the “S” word in the headline. That’s an example of your unconscious belief system in play.

Hope this write-up has been helpful to you. By the way, do you know someone who would really love to read this? If so, go ahead and share this article with that person. Sharing is caring.

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