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Do this One Thing, this Can Bring Happiness to You and to the World Around You!

Let me start of by congratulating you for stopping by and reading something good about life. When I appreciated you, hopefully you must have felt better.

“Appreciation” is the one thing everyone of us strive for.

Some of us might say, “I don’t like to get appreciated” or “I don’t care to appreciate anyone even if they do great things”.

But the fact is, being appreciated is a natural human need. At-least non-consciously people love the idea of being appreciated.

Dr. Martin Seligman, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, tested the impact of appreciation also confirms that people who give and receive appreciation has huge increase in their happiness levels.

Everyone love to hear some good words about themselves.

Millions of people go to their bed starving, because of their poverty. About the same number of people go to their bed weeping without getting appreciated.

In this appreciation-game there are two parts to it. One is “Giving” and other is “Receiving”. Read on to see how we can give and receive appreciation effectively.

When You “Give” Appreciation:

1. Never appreciate only because you have read this, that means, don’t appreciate for the sake of it. Appreciate for a genuine reason.

2. When you are doing it, go very close to the person you would like to appreciate, then look directly at the person’s eyes with an  encouraging smile, then congratulate the person. This is the best way to do that.

In case you are doing it digitally, try to go for a video call and look at that person’s eyes and say the good words you want to say. Never appreciate casually.

3. I want to share an experience happened with my parents, I was traveling and was out of my home-town. That day, I felt like I should appreciate my parents for something they had done in my life. I could have waited till I reach back, after couple of months and tell them.

But I chose a video call and asked them to keep their eyes closer and so as mine. When I completed the call, both of them had happy tears.

After some months of that incident, my Dad passed away as he was an heart patient. And I realized in case I hadn’t said what I had to say in that call, I would have regretted for a lifetime for not telling what I wanted to say to my parents.

The point is don’t wait to give appreciation when you feel like you want to share something good about someone for what they did. Go ahead and do it immediately. Never postpone appreciating.

When You “Receive” Appreciation:

1. When you receive appreciation, most of us might show the greatest acts of humbleness and would say “It’s nothing man”. Some people teases the person who stepped forward for this wonderful act of appreciation. In both cases, you are literally warning the other person never to appreciate you.

2. Say “Thank you” from your heart to the person who stepped up to appreciate you, simple as that.


And finally, when you appreciate someone, do it unconditionally. That means do appreciate people for their good deeds and never expect anything back, not even a smile.

You ‘ll receive great things now or later, not necessarily from the one you have appreciated but from the divine power.

My dear awesome reader, I am thankful for your patience to read this. Hope it has benefited you in some-way or the other.

Do share your feedback. I will definitely appreciate that!

Happy appreciating…

Jerin Jacob
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