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4.5 Golden Rules for Creating Shareable Content in Social Media!

Before social media, word-of-mouth marketing was the talk of the town to create a buzz about a product or service.

Word-of-mouth is nothing but someone talking about a product or service to his/her friends – without expecting any benefit for the endorsement but out of the passion for the product or service. But these days most people spend on their smartphones and smart TVs than speaking to each other. So has word-of-mouth marketing dead?

Never! Social media has only helped to leverage word-of-mouth marketing. How? ‘Share’ buttons on various social media platforms are man kind’s greatest invention to exponentially grow word-of-mouth marketing. Social media shares are the new way of word-of-mouth marketing.

Yet is it possible for every post or content to be shared seamlessly? No. Just like word-of-mouth marketing, entrepreneurs and marketers need to put in extra effort to make their products or services worth sharing.

To make it happen, here are the 4.5 golden rules for word-of-mouth marketing in the digital age!

1. Make it interesting

People never talk about boring stuff. So Entrepreneurs and marketers have to ask: “Would anyone tell a friend about this?” before putting anything out there.

2. Make it easy

Once they go through your product or service or your content. “Can they talk about it in less than 140 characters?” Anything longer than that is too much for people and won’t bother to talk about or share it. And it’s tweetable too!

3. Make them happy

Happy customers are the greatest advertisers. Once they have become your customer or the reader of your content you need to provide value throughout the time they invest with you. And always exceed their expectations!

4. Make and do things that’s respectable

Earning respect is a long-term game. Make ethics part of everything you do. When you have earned the respect they visit and leave you by already opening their mouth to talk about you positively!

4.5 Make them Share

Always request them to tell their friends or to share!

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