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3 Simple Tricks to Become Like Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg!

First of all my apologies to disappoint you by telling the truth that you cannot become Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg anymore; those names have been already defined by themselves.

Yet don’t worry, you have an interesting choice that is to become the best version of yourself and make people write articles with your names as the subject line, just like this one.

So this article is about the #3 Simple Tricks to Become Your Best Self not to become someone else. Fair enough? Here we go:

1. Never Close Your Mind

Steve Jobs

To become something of valuable to the world you should keep your heart and mind widely open to new ideas and latest technological advancements. In case you shut your minds’ door closed you will never be able to learn anything new. That will, in turn, keep you stuck in wherever you are.

So rather than being a victim to your current realities, go ahead, open up and learn even the most unconventional ideas. When you go to the edges of your limits and learn, then your limits expand, so as your mind, so as your life.

When Steve Jobs was young he bunked his regular classes to learn calligraphy. Which later helped him to integrate fonts in Mac which  in turn was copied by Microsoft. Now these awesome fonts are everywhere. The point is, the beautiful letters you are reading right now is because one man’s decision to be open and to learn out of his comfort zone.

2. Act On It First

When new ideas are being passed on to you, rather than blindly believing and submissively following, do try the concept yourself and then find out whether it is good for you as a person. It can be a new habit or a new idea or a new technique, whatever it is, try it first, experience its goodness then only go ahead and make it a part of your being or your project.

When Mark Zuckerberg got this idea from a co-student to create a social platform for college students. He didn’t do a market research or didn’t go on to find a mentor to be consulted. He started acting on the idea the very night itself. Mark innovated on it and then he found out it can be used to connect a larger audience not just college students. That’s how Facebook was born.

3. Read Books Which Transforms You

Above #2 ways are easy to integrate into your life. But to make reading as a habit takes conscious effort. Look around, you will realise that reading is that single habit which successful people embrace while mediocre tend to embarrass. Read vigorously and read the books which are even outside of your comfort zone.

You will be amazed to experience the drastic life transformation happens in you even by reading a single book. But you should take care of choosing the right books which are worthy of your time.

As far as Steve Jobs is concerned he was reading all the time. When he visited India, he read Autobiography of a Yogi several times. And read that book every year.

And Mark Zuckerberg has been a part of #AYearOfBooks initiative where he reads a new book every #2 weeks.

So open up, act and read to become legendary not like Steve and Mark but like your best self.

Hope these #3 tricks have been helpful to you. By the way, do you know someone who would really love these tips? If so, go ahead and share this article with that person. Sharing is caring.

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