How “Digital Minimalism” Can Help You to Avoid Distractions and Become a Productivity Master?

Before diving into the core topic, let’s look into a quick incident from the life of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who are the wealthiest men alive today. 

When Bill and Buffet were kids, one of the mutual friends of their parents asked them what is the biggest secret to success? 

Both without overhearing each other said the same answer – “Focus”. 

As you know, the rest is history, both Bill and Buffet went on to build their own empires and became one of the top influential figures on the planet.

Even though the secret to success, as they said was so simple, in today’s digital world the biggest void in everyone’s life is the same thing which is “Focus” itself. 

You might have read many articles on “Smartphone Addiction”, “Social Media Depression”, “Digital Detox” and so on and so forth. But this article has a different intention…

Which is, you need to confront the reality that these smartphones and social media platforms have become a key part of your life. So it is never practical to eliminate them completely. 

What’s more effective is that you need to find ways to use them in the right way so that smartphones and social media platforms become a catalyst to be more productive to achieve your biggest dreams.

Let’s get straight into it and see how Digital Minimalism can help you in that direction…

What’s Digital Minimalism?

Digital Minimalism is an idea which encourages to reduce the usage of smartphones and social media platforms.

In other words, digital minimalism is nothing but getting exposed to the right amount of technology so that you can free up your energy and time to focus on the things you want to do in life.

Programming Your Brain

Now, you might be wondering, how practising digital minimalism can lead to you to become a productivity master. 

Hang on, for that, you need to understand the latest findings of your brain.

For 400+ years, it has been believed that we are born with a brain which we need to accept it as the way it is, whether you got it with high IQ or with low IQ or with high memory or with low memory or with high emotional quotient or with low emotional quotient or various such features of your brain.

Recent advancement in Brain Science has discovered that your brain is like a muscle. The brain can be altered even in adulthood. The more you use certain parts of your brain it becomes stronger, this phenomenon is called Neuroplasticity. For example, someone practices being happy, it’s easy for your brain to be happy.

As Andrew Weil – Harvard Medical School Graduate and Celebrity American Doctor – Says:

“Among other things, neuroplasticity means that emotions such as happiness and compassion can be cultivated in much the same way that a person can learn through repetition to play golf and basketball or master a musical instrument and that such practise changes the activity and physical aspects of specific brain areas” 

That means, you can alter your brain the way you wanted it to be, but now the question is how to do it through Digital Minimalism…

For that, you need to understand that when you were born on the planet, you came here with a blank slate. On it, everyone started writing your life script, everyone you meet, every book you read, every friend you talk to, your parents, your religious leaders and your teachers… everyone influenced you on how to see the world and how it works.

The problem is, since you were a kid, you accepted all of them and believed everything. This is how you started believing in a certain religion or you are biased to a certain political party.

But now, you have a choice to literally reprogram your brain to the truth, to the right patterns or towards your dreams by removing all limiting beliefs the world has showered on you.

For that, you need to create an environment for your brain to capture only the right information which can reprogram your brain for massive success over time.

Let’s find out how to build the right environment for success!

Building the Right Environment in the Digital Age

In the digital age, smartphones and social media have moved our society forward but unfortunately, the same things are the most distracting influences in your lives.

In case you check out the statistics of Time Spent on social media per day, people are spending 4+ hours every day and more hours using smartphones.

That means you have an “environment” there in social media & smartphones which feeds your brain with information that can alter your brain based on Neuroplasticity. 

Below are list apps which can be used using the concept called Digital Minimalism, instead of removing them from our life, let’s use them effectively in your favour…

1. Digital Minimalism on Smartphone

1.1 Limiting Facebook, Instagram & TikTok 


Once you install the Facebook/Instagram/TikTok App on your mobile, what they do is, they try to capture your attention and try to keep you engaged in their platform by sending notifications after notifications. 

Because ultimately the more time you spend on their social platforms they will have more opportunity to monetize or make more money.   


STEP 1: So uninstall all the social media apps from your smartphone.

STEP 2: Whenever you want to use them, open its mobile-friendly website from the below links: 

For Facebook:

For Instagram:

For TikTok:

STEP 3: To disable all notifications from the browser itself, go to the Smartphone’s Settings –> Click on Applications –> Find Application Manager –> Open the Browser App –> Un-check “Show Notifications”

1.2 News Apps


News media thrives on human’s primal instinct to find the negative news around us. So that humans can fight it and survive. This survival mechanism was true when humans were not an organized civilization, negative news in that time is like a predator near their shelter. Or a blood-sucking mosquito which can kill them. 

So it was extremely important in those times for people to be curious about negative news. If they miss one, they might even be killed. 

News media exploits this primal instinct in our subconscious mind. 


There are 95% of time happy and joyous things happen around us. But we see Only the remaining 5% of negative things through the News which is not the actual representation of our world.

I have personally not keenly reading the newspaper or watching the news for many years now. Has it made me uninformed? Never, if there is news I need to know, I will know it somehow, whether it’s through family or friends. 

The point is to uninstall all News based apps on your smartphone. It’s worth it.

2. Digital Minimalism on Facebook

2.1 Newsfeed


They say – “Tell me what you read, what you watch, what you listen to & your five closest friends are, I can tell you who you are”

This means, the conversation with your friends and what you read can influence your brain and in turn can influence your identity.

But unfortunately, in today’s Facebook world you are influenced by 1,000s of virtual friends and unnecessary information. 

You might have heard about Facebook’s News Feed is similar to the slot machine where you are hooked to keep scrolling down mindlessly, endlessly.


Based on the things you want to achieve in life, it’s important that you choose the right friends and intake the right information.

It’s easier said than done when someone suggests you NOT to use Facebook. The truth is, there are unlimited possibilities when using Facebook in the right way. So “Not using Facebook” is NOT the solution. Rather restrict its bad features. 

Though most of us use smartphones to access Facebook. But we all do our work in a Desktop or Laptop. Eliminating Facebook Newsfeed from your work computer can be a great productivity move.

You can completely remove Newsfeed from your work device using Chrome plug-in named “News Feed Eradicator”.

Follow this link: to get installed in your web browser. 

2.2 Minimize Bad Social Influence  


Based on what you want to achieve in life, in Facebook, make sure you are connecting to only those people who can support you to achieve your dreams, in terms of mentoring, inspiration or pure support.

Since the above plug-in – “News Feed Eradicator” won’t work on mobile, you may still get influenced by negative vibes from certain people while using Facebook via its mobile website

You can “Unfriend” them, but “unfriending” your virtual friends from Facebook makes them feel offended. So what is the right way to go about to minimize the bad social influence of Facebook’s Newsfeed when you use it from your mobile…


Facebook gives an option to “unfollow” the people in your friend list which means those you “unfollow” won’t show up in your newsfeed. 

STEP 1: What you can do is unfollow everyone 

STEP 2: Then follow the right mentors and people who can support your dreams.

3. Digital Minimalism on WhatsApp

3.1 Join the Right Communities


The biggest flaw of the WhatsApp app is anyone with your number can add you to any group they want. Recently they have updated with an invitation option.

But most people choose to stay in the groups they were added or join the group they were invited, just because of FMO (Fear of Missing Out) and not to offend the person who added or invited you to the group.

These groups train your brain addicted to distraction. 


So what you need to do, decide to quit all the WhatsApp groups which won’t directly or indirectly support you to achieve them.

How to do it? Politely put a final post in each group, that “I cannot be active in the group right now. I will connect you all back soon when I feel I’m ready for the purpose group” then leave the group without further ado. 

4. Digital Minimalism on Email

4.1 Unsubscribe Emails


As we discussed earlier, we decided to follow only the mentors or people who can support our dreams. But some people what they do is, they are in constant search for new mentors and experts and keep subscribing to every newsletter available in the industry. 

That means, they will get tens and hundreds of emails every day. Which make them read none. 


So what you need to do is. Unsubscribe everyone and focus on one or two mentors.

To unsubscribe from 100s email subscriptions is a herculean task. That’s when technology comes in handy. 

Visit: this will help you to unsubscribe and keep the right ones in a matter of a couple of clicks.

5. Digital Minimalism on YouTube

5.1 Don’t Fall into the Recommendation Pit


When you open a video on YouTube, you might have noticed a “Recommendation” section. You might have been thinking, this section is helpful to learn more about the topic which you are currently watching. But studies suggest that these recommendations are not giving “better content” than you are watching, rather, it keeps degrading the quality based on each recommendation. 

For example, if you search for “How to Succeed in Business” then over many recommended videos after another. After watching 10s or 100s recommendations from there, you might even start seeing “How this Person Named Mr X Killed Himself after a Business Failure”. That’s how its algorithm works. 


So unlike Facebook, we don’t need to uninstall YouTube, rather we need to simply remove “the recommendations” so that you can watch what you are looking for and learn from it then move on to your work. 

Follow this link: for the Chrome Plugin to remove recommendations from your YouTube while using from your work PC or Laptop.

5.2 No Bell Buttons


Just like you have chosen to follow the right people on Facebook. You can choose to only subscribe to the YouTube channels which can help you achieve your dreams.

But never press the “Bell Button” because it will show you notifications whenever they – the subscribed channels – upload a video. Which is again a distraction.


So make sure, regardless of which YouTube channel it is, never press the “Bell Button”.

And most importantly “Unsubscribe” every other YouTube channels which won’t serve your north star or the purpose in life.


Let’s practice digital minimalism. Feed the right stuff in your brain by creating an environment consciously to focus, to be productive, which in turn will help you achieve your dreams. Keep up your fight to be focused when the whole world tries to distract you, that’s how you become a productivity master. 

Build Environment. Produce Results. Repeat.

Now that you have got a basic understanding of how to be a Digital Minimalist, I have created a downloadable Digital-Minimalist’s Productivity Checklist to keep you on-track of your journey towards your biggest goals in life.

Click here and download it, if it’s still available.

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The “S” Word Which Can Build or Demolish Your Life!

Ever thought, why it’s so tough to reach the next level of your life, even after putting all the hard-work and committing yourself 100% to your mission?

Then, you will find some answers as you complete reading this…

By the way, even after you have got this greatest dream and the daring mission in life, have you ever tried selling yourself short?

In other words, not showing your full potential when you get an opportunity, stayed invisible or even unspoken within a group of people.

In case you have done so, there are a couple of things happen deep inside of your mind…

Once you sell yourself short, it creates an unconscious belief system that you are less worthy than your true potential.

This unconscious belief system which is the – “S”  word I was talking about in the headline is “Self Image”.

When you feed your self-image on a regular basis by selling yourself short. This will dramatically change you as a person. It will create a new identity inside of you which believes that you are not good enough.

Then it will become a downward spiral. That is, the more you sell yourself short, the more badly your “Self-Image” get affected, then the less you achieve. Which again makes you sell yourself short, then it affects your “Self-Image” badly which again makes you achieve less. This cycle continues on an unconscious level which you never notice.

This is the main reason, why people with low self-image usually won’t achieve massive success even after they hustle everyday like crazy.

So unless they nurture their “Self Image” and re-program it to believe in a successful self-image they will continue to roll down from the mountain of life.

Now, let’s see how you can re-program your self-image:

The first step to tackling the low self-image issues is to be aware that you are selling yourself short and it’s badly affecting you.

The second step would be to find a way to consciously build a successful self-image. Here are some suggestions which you can include in your daily routine that can help you live your full potential:

1. Write down a list of positive affirmations which can uplift you.

2. Read them every day with positive feelings.

3. Meditate with positive visualization about yourself.

This builds an upward spiral for success, which means, the more you practice the above activities, the better your “Self-Image” becomes, which in turn helps you achieve more, which enables you to practice the above steps again… this time the cycle continues in the positive direction.

Now, ever after you have done all these, some things in your life might go wrong unexpectedly, which could derail your self-image.

In such cases, instead of dwelling on them too much, what you can do is…

Before going to sleep that night, reflect on the scenario which you felt hurt or wasn’t gone as per your plan, then what you need to do is re-create that same scenario in your mind in the way you wanted it to go.

This will build a new “Self-Image” in you that every day you are living your full potential. Which will help you to stay in the upward spiral for success. Then even before you know, you will start flying above the mountain of life.

So let me conclude with this amazing quote by Carl Band: “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending”.

In case you believe that you have a positive self-image then help someone to start building one. Otherwise, first, start working on yourself and then pay it forward by helping others to nurture their self-image for a brand new ending. Great luck either way!

P.S. By the way, what you were thinking when you read the “S” word in the headline. That’s an example of your unconscious belief system in play.

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Do this One Thing, this Can Bring Happiness to You and to the World Around You!

Let me start of by congratulating you for stopping by and reading something good about life. When I appreciated you, hopefully you must have felt better.

“Appreciation” is the one thing everyone of us strive for.

Some of us might say, “I don’t like to get appreciated” or “I don’t care to appreciate anyone even if they do great things”.

But the fact is, being appreciated is a natural human need. At-least non-consciously people love the idea of being appreciated.

Dr. Martin Seligman, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, tested the impact of appreciation also confirms that people who give and receive appreciation has huge increase in their happiness levels.

Everyone love to hear some good words about themselves.

Millions of people go to their bed starving, because of their poverty. About the same number of people go to their bed weeping without getting appreciated.

In this appreciation-game there are two parts to it. One is “Giving” and other is “Receiving”. Read on to see how we can give and receive appreciation effectively.

When You “Give” Appreciation:

1. Never appreciate only because you have read this, that means, don’t appreciate for the sake of it. Appreciate for a genuine reason.

2. When you are doing it, go very close to the person you would like to appreciate, then look directly at the person’s eyes with an  encouraging smile, then congratulate the person. This is the best way to do that.

In case you are doing it digitally, try to go for a video call and look at that person’s eyes and say the good words you want to say. Never appreciate casually.

3. I want to share an experience happened with my parents, I was traveling and was out of my home-town. That day, I felt like I should appreciate my parents for something they had done in my life. I could have waited till I reach back, after couple of months and tell them.

But I chose a video call and asked them to keep their eyes closer and so as mine. When I completed the call, both of them had happy tears.

After some months of that incident, my Dad passed away as he was an heart patient. And I realized in case I hadn’t said what I had to say in that call, I would have regretted for a lifetime for not telling what I wanted to say to my parents.

The point is don’t wait to give appreciation when you feel like you want to share something good about someone for what they did. Go ahead and do it immediately. Never postpone appreciating.

When You “Receive” Appreciation:

1. When you receive appreciation, most of us might show the greatest acts of humbleness and would say “It’s nothing man”. Some people teases the person who stepped forward for this wonderful act of appreciation. In both cases, you are literally warning the other person never to appreciate you.

2. Say “Thank you” from your heart to the person who stepped up to appreciate you, simple as that.


And finally, when you appreciate someone, do it unconditionally. That means do appreciate people for their good deeds and never expect anything back, not even a smile.

You ‘ll receive great things now or later, not necessarily from the one you have appreciated but from the divine power.

My dear awesome reader, I am thankful for your patience to read this. Hope it has benefited you in some-way or the other.

Do share your feedback. I will definitely appreciate that!

Happy appreciating…

WhatsApp Business App: Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Finally, after much anticipation “WhatsApp Business” app was launched in the early 2018.

But some of us say there is no much difference with the personal WhatsApp Messenger and some others say it’s a blessing to Small & Medium Scale businesses. You will find out which version is right as you go through the article.

This article will walk you through:

  1. The things to consider while installing the WhatsApp Business app,
  2. The features you should explore in the new app and
  3. How to leverage the app effectively for your business.

First of all, let’s start with the basic question.

What is WhatsApp Business app?

According to WhatsApp Inc. itself:

WhatsApp Business is a dedicated Android app which is free to download, and was built with the small business owner in mind. WhatsApp Business makes interacting with customers easy by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

Let’s explore more below.


1. Things to Consider While Installing WhatsApp Business


You can download the WhatsApp for Business from the following link in case you are an Android user:

Please consider the below steps while installing WhatsApp Business app:

Step 1: After opening the above link click on the Install button

Step 2: When prompted with an option to set a number for your business, you need to understand that in case you are giving your personal number then you no longer can use your personal WhatsApp Messenger with that number.

In case you think, you can restore back to your personal profile later, it’s not quite possible as WhatsApp Business won’t allow restoring the data back to the personal profile.

Interestingly, in case you have a business number and a personal number. WhatsApp allows you to use both the WhatsApp Business app and the personal WhatsApp Messenger in the same mobile provided you add respective mobile numbers in each of the apps.

You cannot use the same mobile number for both apps.

Step 3: Then they ask you to set the business name. Here you should understand that once the business name is set we cannot edit it or change it.

So make sure you decide whether you should give your company name or your personal brand to represent the mobile number to be used in the WhatsApp Business app.

Step 4: Then WhatsApp Business app will sync all the data from your personal WhatsApp in case you have used that number as personal WhatsApp Messenger before.

Best Practice: In case you have been using a number as your personal number for years and your customers also used to call to that number. It’s better to name your business name as your personal name itself. It will help you do the personal branding as well.

For Eg:

Here I used my name itself instead of my company name – HereNow Digital.

In case you have a separate business number, you can update it with your business name itself. Even you can set the logo of your business as the profile picture.


2. New Features in the WhatsApp Business


The basic working of the app is as same as of personal WhatsApp Messenger itself.

The additional thing you would find is a new option called Business Settings. To find it Tap the Menu Button > Settings > Business settings

Under the Business Settings you would find the following:

2.1. Profile

2.1 a) In this section, you can see the saved business name. But please note as told you earlier the business name is non-editable. So make sure you add the right business name or your personal brand name while registering.


2.1 b) In the next field, you can type in the business address and can pin the business location in the embedded Google Map.


2.1 c) Then you would be able to select your business’s Industry


2.1 d) Then there is an option to enter your business description, either you can explain about your product/service here or you can share your story/vision here! The later has a better impact.


2.1 e) After that, there is an option to set the business hours for your business.


2.1 f) Then you have an option to showcase your business email id. Make sure it’s a professional email with Eg:


2.1 g) Finally, there is an option to add your 2 websites. The recommended practice is adding your personal branding website and then your company website.


Check the below image:

2.2. Statistics

It’s a basic analytics data, it contains how many messages sent, delivered, read and received kind of data.

Initially, it may seem a small feature.

But in case you use this business account to send regular broadcast messages (that’s selecting multiple people from your contact list and sending a bulk message).

In such cases, this data will be beneficial for you to track the ‘delivery’ and ‘seen’ data. Even you can calculate Read Rate, Delivery Rate and Seen to Conversion Ratio etc.

In personal WhatsApp Messenger, there was no such tracking possible.

2.3. Messaging Tools

In this section, they have brought in some automation features.

They won’t mostly come up with fully automated options in the future for sure, as the essence of WhatsApp is being personal.

So we cannot expect more automation than this. Maybe they will bring more features, still, at the end of the day, they will design in such a way that someone has to personally continue the conversation with their customers.

Now let’s look into the Messaging tools in detail:

2.3 a) Away message

This is an interesting option, whenever you are busy with a meeting or going for a lunch break or anything you can set an automated reply message to anyone who messages you in that time period, that you are away and will respond soon!

Also, whenever someone messages you after the business hours, you can use this feature to humanly acknowledge the end user. Provided you set the business schedule or the business hours in the profile section.

But all these functionalities will work, only when we keep the internet connection active on the mobile.


Check the image below:

2.3 b) Greeting Messages

In this section, you can set a message which will automatically send to anyone who messages your business for the first time. Or messages your business sometime after 14 days.

This functionality also would work only when an active internet connection is on in the mobile.

2.3 c) Quick Replies

This would be the most used and most productive feature in the WhatsApp Business app in case you clearly understand how to use it. 

In here you can store certain message templates which your business use regularly to communicate with your prospects and customers.

Detailed steps on using it effectively below:

Step 1:

In order to create a template or a quick reply. There would be a “+” button in the Quick Replies section, you can use it to create a message template with a shortcode. Shortcode is a word to identify the template.     

Step 2:

Save it. It will be listed on the next screen.

Step 3: 

Simply press “/” character whenever you want to use the stored template then a popup with the list of templates which you created will show up. You may select the one you want to use in that context.

3. How to Use WhatsApp Business Effectively


3.1. Human-Focused + WhatsApp Business

Many small and medium scale businesses have been using personal WhatsApp Messenger as an alternative to telemarketing.

Instead of calling they would message in WhatsApp.With the new WhatsApp Business, they will be able to automate a certain process and will be able to reach out more people now.

The effective way for such activities is to understand that the other end of our message is a walking talking person just like us, make sure the messages are very personalized.

Regardless of whether it’s personal WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business app, it’s created for person to person communication.

So WhatsApp Business app based campaigns will work when it’s a human-focused marketing campaign (not product focused).

That means you need to ask the right engaging questions to understand your prospects pain points as well as their aspirations.

Then pitch your product or service as a solution.

3.2 Traditional Marketing + WhatsApp Business

Traditional marketing channels like newspaper ads, hoarding and billboards etc. can use WhatsApp Business effectively by adding the WhatsApp number in their ads and ask the customer to send a WhatsApp message to the business number.

And the prospective customers will get an automated response with a product catalogue or something which adds value to them. (You can use the Greeting Message feature here).

In the process, the advertiser gets very engaged leads. By following up with a well-crafted sequence of messages (You can use the Quick Replies feature here)  there is a better chance of conversion.


3.3 Facebook + WhatsApp Business

In continuation of the above point, WhatsApp Business can be best used for lead generation and sales when combined with Facebook ads.

The power of Facebook ads is that we can pinpoint any kind of target audience and reach out to them.

Once those leads are generated we need to combine WhatsApp Business to send personalized messages. Which will, in turn, produce better conversions much faster than any other channels. Also with higher Return On Investment (ROI).

There are endless opportunities to innovate using these simple features in the app. So go ahead and explore WhatsApp for Business and see how you can integrate it into your business.

Hope this article has been helpful to you to get an understanding of WhatsApp Business app.

Thank you!

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#1 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Fail to Grow their Company Like Apple and Google?

Do you remember the day when you got the idea or the platform to start your business?

You were so passionate and was excited to impact the world in a big way.

As the day went by, things weren’t working as you expected.

Most of the day you spent time on how to survive and how to beat the competition.

Now you even struggle to wake-up every single morning to go to work.

Your passion has been lost for your business.

What happened? You may wonder is it your problem, or the idea, or the industry you choose to work?

Most entrepreneurs and their teammates lose the passion for their business because of a primary reason, that is:

business purpose

Lack of Business Purpose

90% of entrepreneurs who fail, didn’t define their “Why” or “Business Purpose” for their business when they started up.

They created the product or service and wanted to rush to the market.

Today, people have endless choices of products or services.

These days people do buy from those who feel connected to.

In other words, they pay to those people who have the same value system as they have.

Simon Sinek in his famous Ted Talk: How great leaders inspire others? says that:

“Goal of today’s business is to attract the people who believe in what you believe in”.

In case you don’t define the true purpose of your business, when you get some rejections from your prospects or when you have cash flow challenges.

Your excitement level will go down.

And eventually, you may fail.

Importance of Business Purpose

You need to make sure you come up with a Deep Purpose for your business which is very important to regain your passion for your business.

People think Vision and Purpose are the same. Vision is where we want to go. But before we decide where we want to go. We need to have clarity on why you want to go where you are going.

So finding what is that drives you as a person and ties it with your business purpose will make you passionate day after day even the worst things happen in the business.

In case you see all the great businesses and the most valuable businesses in the world, all of them have defined their “Purpose” of their business.

Because of this clarity of where they wanted to reach, has helped them become who they are today.

Let me quote Simon Sinek’s Ted talk here again:

Why? How? What?

This little idea explains why some organizations and some leaders are able to inspire where others aren’t.

Let me define the terms really quickly. Every single person, every single organization on the planet knows what they do, 100 percent.

Some know how they do it, whether you call it your differentiated value proposition or your proprietary process or your USP.

business purpose vision india
But very, very few people or organizations know why they do what they do. And by “why” I don’t mean “to make a profit.” That’s a result. It’s always a result.

By “why,” I mean: What’s your purpose? What’s your cause? What’s your belief? Why does your organization exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?

Mostly we think, we act, the way we communicate is from the outside in (What -> How-> ?), it’s obvious. We go from the clearest thing to the fuzziest thing.

But the inspired leaders and the inspired organizations — regardless of their size, regardless of their industry — all think, act and communicate from the inside out.

They all start with the “Why”.

Great Businesses have Greater Purposes


Let’s explore the purposes of some of the world’s best companies below, hope it will inspire you to redefine or create a deep purpose for your business:


“To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.”

2. Alibaba Group

“To make it easy to do business anywhere.”

3. Facebook

“To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”

4. PayPal

“To build the Web’s most convenient, secure, cost-effective payment solution.”

5. Microsoft

“To enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential.”

6. Google

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Steps to Define the Purpose


Hope you have got some ideas after going through the above business purposes of some of the greatest businesses in the history.

Here is a step-by-step process you may use to find out your purpose for your business.

Step 1:

Take a deep breath. And sit silently for a minute. Ease yourself.

Step 2:

Think about a past situation when you walked away, or got angry at, or got into argument with someone.

Better think about a non-relationship situation.

What was it that thing pissed you off? Was it the way that person behaved or done something?

Step 3: 

In case you really thought about it as instructed in Step 2.

Then try to figure out the value system which made you fight for?

Was it you were looking for Perfection? Integrity? Honesty? Contribution? Ethics? Health? Education? Travel? Luxury?

Step 4:

Close your eyes and think from your heart.

What was that value you hold in your life which you want to keep it for a lifetime and want to inspire others to do the same?

Step 5:

Once you got that value which you hold on to your heart, in your life.

Then attach it to the customers you want to service or attach it to the product or service of your business.

Step 5.5:

Think how you can serve, not how to make more money.

Money and profits are by-products when you serve and add value to as many people as possible.



The whole point is to set your purpose by going deep inside your heart.

In case you can’t find it now, at least set something up which comes into your mind right now. 

Don’t look for a perfect business purpose. You can always refine it. 

Don’t leave it to find it later. If you postpone it, your business won’t reach the level you always wanted.

Or it may eventually fail as well.

So go ahead and re-read the steps provided above and define the purpose of your business now!

Look forward to seeing your business on the list of most valuable companies on earth sooner or later.

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How this Entrepreneur Build a £50 Million a Year Company After his Biggest Failure? (with Kalpesh Patel, London)

Today, we have Kalpesh Patel (Professional Inspirational Speaker & Entrepreneur) with us.

At the age of 23, he lost everything he had built till then as a young entrepreneur.

After years of frustration, and when he almost lost hope in himself, he read a book which made him gain back everything.

And even went on to build his new company to a £50 million sales a year.

I am interviewing Kalpesh Patel (Entrepreneur and an International Speaker from London, UK)

Let’s dive into his inspiring entrepreneurial journey to learn how he has bounced back from his set back & also let’s find out about that book which changed his life.
Ethical Entrepreneur Interview with Kalpesh Patel, Hosted by Jerin Jacob


Jerin Jacob: Welcome Kalpesh, happy to have you with us!

Kalpesh Patel: Thank you! Glad to be here.

Q 1: So let me start off by asking about your personal life, please share little about it and your family?

Kalpesh Patel: Well, I’m still single lol. However, I live with my family who is at the top of my values.

My amazing mother, legend brother, his beautiful wife and my 2 angel nieces and super-hero nephew.

Together sit in my heart.

Jerin Jacob: That’s awesome Kalpesh. Sending love to all of them!

Q 2: On your website, you shared that you can truly relate to the Hollywood movie – “The Pursuit of Happyness”Can you elaborate and share a little bit about your story?

Kalpesh Patel: My story is a movie in itself and would take too long to type here but I can give pointers.

I refer to the challenges most entrepreneurs and visionaries face, we often take ourselves for granted.

As pioneers, we take huge risks, sacrifice so much and pay the price of success up front and in advance.

People rarely acknowledge what it takes for most of us and we are too quick to dismiss recognition.

I am all about empowering and inspiring those on this path.

:: My Brief Story ::

I started selling chocolates to kids in school age 11, was earning a full-time income in lunch hour by age 14.

Was buying and selling cars at age 18.

Stepped into fathers business at 19.

When he had a heart transplant. In his 2 year absence, by being in a hospital, I doubled his turnover.

At 21 I opened my 1st “sweet shop” and went on to buy, turn around and sell businesses.

My father and my superhero, he passed away when I was 23.

He was 51, left my mother and younger brother behind.

We grew stronger although I lost myself for 2 years.

I destroyed everything I touched in business, relationship, family and friendships.

Age 26 I was introduced to a personal development book and this was the turning point.

That was in 1995 and the rest as they say… is his-story.

Now, I’ve dedicated my life to mastering my inner self and teaching success strategies in business and in life to the world.

Jerin Jacob: Thank you for sharing your downs and ups on the journey, truly inspiring.

Q 3: So that one book changed your perspective on life and I understand that you have been an avid reader of transformational books since then!

Would you share a little about “the book” that changed your life and the books you would recommend for entrepreneurs?

Kalpesh Patel: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

That was the 1st book I ever read from page to page multiple times and impacted me on so many levels.

It was a book that helped me to distinguish and understand what I was doing already by accident as a successful businessman.

It opened the gates to a plethora of Books, Tapes and Videos that I devoured.

I implemented my learnings quickly and used this information to transform my Self from the inside and it wasn’t long before the results reflected outside.

Jerin Jacob: Thank you Kalpesh. Yes, Think and Grow Rich is a must-read for anyone who wants to take control of their lives. Other book recommendations for Entrepreneurs?

Kalpesh Patel: I now have over 1000 books, CDs and DVDs in my collection over 2 decades.

Which would I recommend most? …a tough task, the classics are always closest to my heart.

Every true entrepreneur must read:

1. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

2. Conversations with God is also cherished as it balances my entrepreneurial drive with a passion for my relationship with my spirit.

A non-religious approach broadens conversations.

3. Books like the Richest Man in Babylon are also easy re-reads.

I read poetry too as it engaged my heart and soul.

This is what has given birth to the idea of the Enlightened Entrepreneur movement where we take responsibility for the business and management decisions we make.

Jerin Jacob: Oh my God! That’s indeed a great collection of books. Appreciate deeply that you are able to pick 3 books from your huge collection.

Kalpesh Patel: Thanks. It’s not any justice but a great start.

Q 4: That brings me to ask about your Enlightened Entrepreneur movement, please share more details about it and how someone can be a part of it?

Kalpesh Patel: Well, I’ve made it really easy, it’s a commitment to simply Do the Right Thing in business.

Too many small minded hustlers are after grabbing the next buck and robbing and stealing by cutting corners and being selfish.

I believe in greater good, a philosophy that says think Win – Win – Win.

It is absolutely possible and means you are not committed to profit at any cost, rather profit is a natural bi-product or output function of delivering genuine value and putting humans first.

Most business owners are not near ready for this conversation but those that are, we are literally changing our world and the world’s of those we touch.

I am currently looking at formalizing this but governance isn’t simple as I can not endorse if one practices what we teach, perhaps a vote based site in future.

Jerin Jacob: Wow, that’s a very phenomenal initiative. The future of entrepreneurship will definitely be based on combining the Win for the Entrepreneur, Win for the People and Win for the Society – not just one Win, but a Win for all of them. That’s awesome.

Kalpesh Patel: I am totally committed to this way of thinking and demonstrating it in my businesses.

Q 5: You could start this kind of awesome initiative because you have a great value system. From your website and personally, I understand that Honesty is the top value you hold in your life. 

Why is Honesty so important for you? Why is Honesty so important as an entrepreneur according to you?

Kalpesh Patel: I truly believe that authenticity opens deeper connections with other genuine souls.

Being a leader means being true to your word and integrous in your actions.

The more authentic we are with ourselves the more we increase our vibrational frequency and this is attractive to others on this path.

Integrous people are few and find each other more easily.

Living a lie expands as a negative drain on our possibility and destroys our true higher self.

Of course one can “succeed” materially with lies and deceit.

I’m referring to a higher level of success, that of the human as a spiritual being.

Success is the ability to remain consistent in an ever-changing environment.

Jerin Jacob: Great! It’s is turning out to be one of the most insightful conversations in the Ethical Entrepreneurs series. Thank you so much Kalpesh for sharing.

Kalpesh Patel: It’s an honour to be able to share with open hearts, minds and spirits.

Q 6: As an entrepreneur, one can contribute so much and be really authentic when they learn to find time to unwind themselves by taking a conscious vacation from work. 

Talk us into, why travelling and the adventurous activities you do are so important? Share with us the beautiful places you have been to?

Kalpesh Patel: I love experiencing life in as many ways as possible.

I see this opportunity as an agreement made beforehand with the universe, to come to earth for a few years and taste its fruits in human form.

What an incredibly exciting offer.

What a shame if we spend our time in the same place when there is so much available, the proverbial fish in a tank on the edge of the sea comes to mind.

Travel also allows us to understand that there is life beyond our experience.

People with different languages, colours, traditions, religions, sexual preferences, ideas, rules, restrictions, foods, clothes, cultures etc. this expands us to no end.

I’ve been to dozens of countries and some I’ve been blessed to have visited many times.

I get invited to speak to their people about my thoughts and experiences.

I have explored South Africa, East Africa, Europe, USA, much of Asia.

I’ve got much more to explore in Canada and the Far East.

Jerin Jacob: Super awesome!

Q 7: Kalpesh, so you have been to this Speaking / Mentoring / Coaching industry for quite awhile, why is it important for a business to engage a trainer like you in their business? What kind of businesses do you work with?

Kalpesh Patel: Well, as the owners or CEO of a business we have expertise in certain areas but these also obscure our view from that Which we do not know.

Like they say, even the best coaches struggle to coach themselves beyond a certain point.

Having a non-expert can help you see the blind spots.

Also, sharpening our own skills regularly Is of the paramount importance if we are committed to greatness and delivering outstanding results.

A successful business mentor is someone that has been where you are and is where you’d love to be.

They can help navigate the path even though it’s different for each person, the nature of the journey is similar.

For example. I built a business to £50 million a year sales in 1996 to 2001.

This taught me things I’d never known.

Since then I’ve helped a few owners grow their businesses to that level and couple of companies to grow even bigger.

But my biggest passion is when I help SMEs go from £1m to x3 or x5.

It’s a jungle many fail to pass as they try to do too much themselves.

My main passion and gift are on stage – inspiring start-up entrepreneurs through sharing stories and interactive Q&A style seminars with 100 to 200 people, less interactive with larger audiences.

Jerin Jacob: Great. Hope you would inspire many more entrepreneurs in the days ahead.

Q 8: That comes to the question I ask everyone in the Ethical Entrepreneur Interview Series, what is your personal definition of Ethical Business and Ethical Entrepreneur?

Kalpesh Patel: Simply put, it’s doing the right things by all involved.

Heart centred thinking combined with a commitment to higher values and the greater good.

Bring a mindset that says, there must be a better way for a better world.

Every decision we make, the action we take and choices we live by ripples into the future for our children to learn from and be inspired by.

It’s what we would do if no one was judging that defines who we are.

We all know in the depths of our souls what is ethical and what is not.

Jerin Jacob: That’s insightful.

Q 9: Well, we are about to wind up the session. Now let’s dive into and talk about your city – London. Tell us about the opportunities and the places we must see there.

Kalpesh Patel: London is a melting pot of religions, people, history, architecture, foods, nightlife, day life, colours, shopping, tourism, sightseeing, Old and New, museums and culture.

All senses are engaged in so many ways. Stunning by day, even more so by night.

There is never a day where there is nothing to do, with all that said, rain, cold, grey, windy – for many months a year. So if you are not into that, June to Sept is the optimal time to visit.

Opportunity is always abundant everywhere in the world, it’s in the eye of the beholder.

I believe there is more opportunity in India today than ever in history and love watching my Bharat from afar and admiring the shifts and progress being made as we prepare ourselves as a global powerhouse delivering business and personal life examples to the world.

All international eyes are on India for the next 2 to 4 decades – it’s time to shine.

It’s natural for us all to take our environment for granted. Learn to add a new perspective.

Jerin Jacob: Indeed a new perspective – “opportunities are everywhere”, it’s all about how we see it. That’s inspiring for many who read this from any part of the world.

Q 10: Finally, do you have anything to those who have been reading this long yet very thoughtful sharings from you, should I link them to anywhere they can further connect with you or any other offer you can add further value to them?

Kalpesh Patel: [sociallocker id=”474″]It’s been a real pleasure sharing with you Jerin Jacob. May you continue to inspire many in your tribe and keep sharing great wisdom with Ethical Entrepreneurs.

Of course, people can stay connected with me on all social media channels which can be found on my

Where they can also sign up for my newsletter and receive some free eBooks.[/sociallocker]

Jerin Jacob: Thank you Kaplesh for your kind words. It’s wonderful talking to you. Keep inspiring!

Please comment below in case you want to ask anything to Kalpesh Patel which I missed asking.

P.S. We have a community named Ethical Entrepreneurs, wherein we have many ethical entrepreneurs like Kalpesh Patel is part of. Our purpose is to grow together and to inspire each other as ethical entrepreneurs. Follow this link to join us:

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How to Grow Multiple Brands in Honest and Ethical Ways?

Today, we have Adman a.k.a Blessing (CEO of Paulsons Group) with us.

When Adman joined Franchise India they had no office at Chennai, so he used his car as his office and used nearby Satyam Theatre for Afternoon AC to get away from the heat of Chennai and for popcorn lunch.

From there, Adman has consulted 100s of brands/business and helped to successfully sell and sold more than 1000s of franchises, established an office and built a great team with his sheer grit.

Later Adman joined Paulsons Group as CEO, there he helped the company to grow it from less than 10 stores to more than 150 stores now. And Paulsons Group is the master franchiser of a number of international brands like Tony&Guy, essensuals, Haagen-Dazs, German Doner Kebab and owns brands like Chakra, SLAM, Jonah’s, Sambhar, Provoke and many such.

When he was working for Franchise India in the initial days, mostly Adman parked his car in Marina Beach and worked from there, so he had witnessed the pathetic condition of the beach then. One day he stepped up and started the foundation named ‘Angels of Marina’ to clean up and green up the beach. Now, Angels of Marina has a number of volunteers doing a commendable work.

Let’s dive into his inspiring entrepreneurial, intrapreneurial and spiritual journey.

Jerin Jacob: Hi Adman! Happy and privileged to have you with us.

Adman a.k.a Blessing: It is my pleasure.

Q1: So as always let’s start off by hearing about you and your family?

Both my mom and dad were Govt officials, mom was Rural Welfare Officer and dad was Executive Officer in Town Panchayat. One elder sister, married and settled in Sirumugai and one elder brother married and doing his own business in Sirumugai. My wife is working with me as Vice President – Franchise Operations.

Decided to not have kids.

Father passed away before marriage.

I learnt how to earn and spend from dad

and how to be kind and entrepreneurial from my mom.

She has helped more than 1000 groups to get a loan and do business like Rabbit Farm, Masala Powder etc. Soap powder too.

Jerin Jacob: Interesting! So your entrepreneurial aspirations came from your parents itself. That’s indeed a blessing which many don’t have.

Adman a.k.a Blessing: I think so… and my father used to read a lot of political magazines… so it made me read all books, magazine, news papers like a book worm.

During my school days used to buy Business Standard on Tuesday, Economics Times on Wednesday and Businessline on Thursday

You will get Supplements in it – Thd Strategist, Brand Equity and Catalyst (now Brand Line)

I think that was my great investments.

Also subscribed for A&M magazine and Readers Digest.

One day a thief came to our house and broke the first almirah and second and third and left empty hand without breaking the fourth Almirah…. in first three it was books, magazines and newspaper cuttings

In the fourth almirah only we had jewels and cash😜

Jerin Jacob: The thief story was funny, that guy didn’t know that even the first 3 almirah’s contents were enough to make a fortune and impact which you have made after some years. Anyways, reading business magazines and newspapers at the young age of choice is so cool. And it’s obvious now that you have been an avid reader.

Q2: That brings me to ask what is that one book which changed your perspective about life and business? And what are the books you recommend to those who are just starting up?


எண்ணங்கள் (Thoughts) by Udayamoorthy


Contemporary Advertising by Aven and Boovie

Marketing Management by Philip Khotler.

The Entrepreneur Mindset by Gaurav Marya,


Outliers, The Go Giver, Get to the Top

The Go Giver, Get to the Top

Get to the Top.

Jerin Jacob: That’s a great bunch of recommendation. Thank you!

Adman a.k.a Blessing: I had great collections but wife send it to trash when we shifted from Coimbatore to Chennai.

Still, I have good collections. Reading all stuff helps us in business, especially as a consultant/mentor.

Now reading Mossad.

Q3: As I understand, even though you have been exposed to business magazines and books at the early stage of your life,  you did start off as an employee, share with us your journey of transitioning from an employee to an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur? What was the toughest moment during the time?

To be frank, I was a dropout from school in 11th std. as I lost interest in learning ordinary stuff and want to be a business man

My first venture was Peerless Insurance. Made a dent and because o the company Vs agent issues got out of that.

I made my family, friends, dad, mom and my circle to take insurance big time but after the problem with the company, everyone started worrying about their money. Most of them kept quiet as we are a respected family. After 5 years all of them got their money back double times. Then the scenario changed.

In between, I got an opportunity to go to Gujarat on behalf of my mom to participate in Gramshree Mela where people across Indian villages displayed their artistic and produce for sale.

I was in-charge of Tamilnadu stall, especially to take care of Silk, Kora and cotton sarees produced by Erode & Coimbatore weavers

All my family are into silk and Kora saree manufacturing

Most of them master weavers supplying to big retails like Nalli, Pothys, etc…

I got a flare about the taste and liking of the customers and immediately started my own saree design & trading co.

Travelled across India and traded with all big time sellers in the country

During this period and especially when I was in Gujarat Vidya Peeth, I met Tamil guys Palanisamy and one more doing PhD (about Gandhian ways) in the peace research centre. They celebrated me and hosted dinner with campus professors family. It made me realise that I should learn and earn my degree

The people whom I met during my travel use to write big letters and motivating me and told me that one day I will become a big businessman

Then I started going to Tutorials to finish my +2

That tutorial madam started Aptech and employed me as Marketing Executive with 1300 salary

Finished +2, did BBA too (as people were teasing me that I am not educated). After marriage in 2006, my wife made me finish MBA with distinction

Phase 1. During my Aptech times, I understood that students buy lot of greeting cards, gifts and bouquets so started my first retail business “Adcraft Card Shop” with just 3000 rupees in hand

First people used to buy sister cards, gifts, then love cards, sorry card, bouquet and miss you cards 🤣

That’s the Love love Cycle

My idea was to sell 1000 rupees products x 30 days = 30,000 x 30% = 9,000 per month and I did it . 30% margin

Phase 2. Franchises the flower shop format successfully and got featured in Tholil Ulagam magazine

Phase 3. Started my advertising agency AdcraftSAM

Started travelling lot to meet clients and consulting computer centres, I lost focus in the shop as I thought I should do big things in life

Sold the shop but still, it is functioning successfully

I am planning to buy back some day

Phase 4. During this period I saw one ad inviting franchise partners for an apparel brand. I wrote a mail to that company saying that I can help them to sell the franchises in that region. Immediately I got response from its MD, Shahabuddin Ahamed

He was a management consultant. When he met me he told that you should not do small things and you should shift to metros. It was a great eye opener

He asked me to work for him with him on revenue sharing basis. He had a project “Frujus” like Fruity tetra packs. He asked me to market it. When went to market it was credit business and tough to get self-space. Announced an interesting Gold Coin scheme and liquidated all the products for cash

It gave me big motivation

But unfortunately, the products have some defects and worms were forming due to expiry

Phase 5. So shifted my base to Erode by taking a franchise for Magic Dial, similar to Just Dial.

Registered many clients and it was profitable but due to internal issues in the company they absorbed me, full time into the company as I was close to the management and was successful in sales

Even my employees were absorbed by the company

Tuff time. Back to the square.
Internal issues in the company.
The new team came and took over and started sending people out.
So sales suffered but I was there as I gained trust (when the old boss came to get his papers no one respected him but only me went and took care of him. Because of this good gesture the new boss started respecting me)

I thought I should not be part of any more failure as it is not in my control and thought I should explore the creative industry and joined Ad agencies.

Phase 6. For Annamalai Agencies who are trading cars, I gave a tag line

“Retailing Cars. Retaining Hearts.”

Still, they are using it from 2001

Handled all major retail brands, corporates and NGO called “Siruthuli”. Worked from scratch of making Logo and handling big campaigns like “Mudal Vellam”

Phase 7++. Then I thought it is time to start my own agency Adman. Launched a launch pad for asking models. Become associate of Franchise India on revenue sharing basis. Consulted Hash10 and made it big. Then franchise Indus hired me full time. Founded Angels of Marina. Founded Joined full-time Naturals for survival. Finally, joined Paulsons Group for opportunity and for spiritual reason

Jerin Jacob: So the journey so far is – Entrepreneur to Employee – Then Employee to Entrepreneur – Again Entrepreneur to Intrapreneur – Again Intrapreneur to Entrepreneur – Then Again Entrepreneur to Intrapreneur …

Adman a.k.a Blessing: Yes. Never Give Up. Don’t Rest and Form Rust.

Jerin Jacob:  An awesome and inspiring quote there!

Adman a.k.a Blessing: I always think that the company I work for is my company

Entrepreneurship is a mindset. You can even own a company in your mind when you are working for them. Those who invested are legal owners.

Q4: So you have been in Paulson Group from the beginning and now you are the CEO and the co-owner of growing the group to leap and bound and you said you joined them for a spiritual reason too, could you share with us what was it?

And tell us how important spirituality is for entrepreneurship – I see you have been connected with ISKON and Jesus, share more about your spiritual journey!

Paulsons started in 2010 but I joined them in 2014 when they had just 9 salons + 2 ice cream shops. Now we have 150 stores.

Out of that 30 company owned

Sam Paul’s (Founder) active involvement has been there as well

When I started feeling that I should quit Naturals and join big corporates, I quit drinking, smoking and meat eating

Till that time I was following Krishna

Then stopped believing in God

As life had many spikes. During this phase, I went to pick my wife from church as she was a secret Christian from childhood

After marrying me she got baptised

I was waiting in church parking, time was going but service is not getting over… so the first time I got into the church to see what these guys are doing? All the words I heard from the pastor was for me!

The first time I felt the presence of God and got great visions.

My wife took me to the pastor to pray for me. He told me that I would become head not the tail

During that time I had three openings

1. Paulsons Group,

2. Another one in Delhi

3. One more in Mumbai

Pastor prayed for me and told to accept Paulsons Group’s opportunity.

I was schematical as they had just 9 stores and no office but took it as very spiritual

Sam only named me CEO

“Head not the Tail” as Pastor had told earlier. 

Before that Itself I took baptism and grown in the Lord my Saviour

All praise to him

Just his grace and mercy is enough

The people at top the needs to be spiritually strong to balance the act as there is no one to discuss

Only God

“Blessing” is my baptised name

Jerin Jacob: Miraculous journey it is!

Adman a.k.a Blessing: The connection with God in private is important than showing off.

Q5: Now let’s jump into the future, how do you see yourself in the future 10 years from now? How will our world be in 10 years according to you?

I foresee myself as a business coach, mentor, startup consultant holding shares in many startups and leading an Awesome life.

Honesty is new sexy! So entrepreneurs will be transparent in their dealings, practice ethics. Health and environmental consciousness will be expected from all business. Technology will drive all the business and make it more effective.

Entrepreneurs who are Honest. Creative. Smart. Spiritual. and with Big Vision will be leading all the domains.

Q6: In the start-up consultation, you are already creating waves, recently you have been part of Startup Payanam right? Tell us more about it? How are start-ups benefited from it?

I was the official mentor for Startup Payanam (Yatra of young start-up entrepreneurs from Coimbatore to Chennai by road to meet 50+ entrepreneurs)

They met people like me and Sam and understood how entrepreneurs travelled to attain this stage and also about their business models and tips to run it successfully

A great learning for them, a great networking for them, few started contacting us for business deals and heard few sealed few deals already.

Q7: Now… unlike never before across the world students and grown-ups are jumping into entrepreneurship, though many get the initial few success, many failed to grow rapidly and reach to the next level, you have been helping many Franchisees scale faster and even headed Franchise India itself and helped them scale.

What’s your mantra for starting up and scaling up?

The young generation has energy and knowledge but lack in wisdom, which can be attained only thru exposure and real-time experience. Either you have a mentor, or a senior experienced person on board to handhold you till you make the business model successful.

Either you have a mentor, or a senior experienced person on board to handhold you till you make the business model successful.

Entrepreneurs are rare breeds. I will not discourage anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur. What I advise them is, explore many industry and markets by being an employee, test your ideas in a right market, have right people for the right job, don’t put two legs into the water, test the water and then complete the jump and get wet.

What I advise them is, explore many industry and markets by being an employee, test your ideas in a right market, have right people for the right job, don’t put two legs into the water, test the water and then complete the jump and get wet.

Then there is no look back. On the way, you will learn and earn wisdom, experience, right people, and you will become one who inspires many!

Once you decided to start an online retail shop then you need to work with the market leader to understand it better and come out with better business model

You need to structure the business models. In a restaurant, there are fine dining, cafe, QSR, casual dining, takeaway, door-delivery…. which one suits your business? Find it! How many menus can you have? Decide! Have SOP in place. Hiring and training should be in place. Then decide on scaling up…

Have SOP in place. Hiring and training should be in place. Then decide on scaling up…

Big format retail? Company owned? Franchising? You have many options

Before becoming an expert in your business don’t scale up!

Franchising is the best route to scale up without diluting your stake!

Starting your own brand is taking a risk. Taking a franchise is calculated risk, as you knew that business model is profitable. First-time Entrepreneurs can opt taking franchise of best brands and start with a sure shot success.

Jerin Jacob: That’s great advice for every aspiring and growing entrepreneur who are reading this.

Q8: That comes to the question I ask to everyone in the Ethical Entrepreneur Interview Series, what is your personal definition of Ethical Business and Ethical Entrepreneur?

Be honest with yourself. Think long term. Don’t cheat as you don’t know how many billions you are lost due to losing that one client. Don’t cheat you employee, give them career and show them future. Don’t cheat your vendor, as they will teach you best practices from their clients and uphold you in bad times.

Don’t cheat as you don’t know how many billions you are about to lose due to losing that one client.

Don’t cheat your employee, give them career and show them future. Don’t cheat your vendor, as they will teach you best practices from their clients and uphold you in bad times.

Don’t cheat your vendor, as they will teach you best practices from their clients and uphold you in bad times.

Pay tax especially so the staff, clients, officials and the society respects you and don’t disturb you.

Q9: Apart from being an intrapreneur, you are impacting the world with social initiatives like – Angels of Marina – an initiative for a clean, green, safe and great Marina beach (Chennai).

And interestingly you have been honoured for helping people from Chennai Floods? Share us about the experience when you did that?

When Franchise India hired me full time, there is no office so I used to park my car in Marina beach (as star hotel coffee shops and coffee days become costlier for my client meetings, as I only eat lot) and call database to fix appointments – cold calls, follow ups, feedback for proposals, negotiation and closing. 

During those days I noticed all positive and negatives of the beach and the people. Got irritated. Also when people from HO visits Chennai they ask me to take them to Marina beach. All they see is nonsense and litre. They make fun of us and ask me why you people are like this? Got very very irritated.

When I was having Sundal in the beach I found Gandhi Ji’s saying

“Be the change what you want to see in this world”.

It triggered me to do something to the beach. I was thinking only about that and in my dream, I saw an angle (male) with wings jumping from the sky on the beach and looking at me.

I coined the brand name Angels of Marina and made that Angels and brand logo.

Started small time but as we were giving free T-shirts and certificates for those who clean beaches, got good numbers of volunteers with real passion as well.

As we couldn’t afford to give more free T-shirts we lowered our promotions but when we stopped giving free T-shirts and started selling that the volunteering strength has grown in a multi fold.

Now every week Sunday 7 am our team gathers near Gandhi statue in Marina for regular clean ups. The number goes from 50 to 500.

Chennai flood:

I got a call from Sam in the night saying that his brother has rescued a family from water in Anna Nagar and made them stay in their house.

Also, he has created a group and put me incharge to moderate the same and extend any support.

We set up a call centre and spread the news they all mediums and word of mouth and guru media as well.

Calls started pouring from all the countries.

I gave them comforting words and asked them to keep all of us in prayers.

Who ever called for help we gave them the best possible advises. People are panicked as there is no network, electricity and internet but God’s grace we had all in our office as well as in the house.

We created a group of volunteers to mobilise hell like boat, lorry, medicine, food, clothes, milk, water and rescue as well.

Next day we got a very bad panic call from Ashok Nagar were a pregnant lady got struck in the first floor.

Water was going till first floor.

When it started getting dark the situation was even worse, as no one expected this will happen in the heart of the city, so they stayed in homes in the balcony and second floors with kids and elders.

No food and the water rising to second floors.

Myself was heading the rescue so with my team we went to Ashok Nagar with ropes and car tubes for rescue. In imaginable Arushi get water every where…we almost rescued 10 people who got stuck in water, first floor and few flats well. It was a life changing experience.

Chennai changed in their attitude!⁠⁠⁠⁠

Q10: Those people who have been reading your long yet very inspiring journey this far should be given an offer, any links or offer coupon I should direct them to? 

Yes, please copy – iamethical and paste it by following the link: to land in Jerin’s Messenger. His automated chat-bot will ask you some simple questions, after that for selected members I can offer free 1 hour mentoring via phone. 

Hope it helps!

Final Thoughts – 12 Tips to Become a Successful and Ethical Entrepreneur

1. Everything happens for a reason and you will realise it at the right season.

2. You can’t decide how and where you want to be born but you can decide how you live and will die.

3. Family and friends are a great strength for any entrepreneur. Even for bootstrapping.

Always you can go back to them as they do it with all their heart.

So cherish your relationship with them but don’t consult or take advice from them as they are worried about you and your failures.

4. You need to consult with a right person for all.

From idea to your problems. Network and discuss with the experts who made it happen.

Even a failed entrepreneur can tell you what he did wrong, so you can avoid it.

5. Give respect to everyone and don’t hurt anyone on your journey, as you don’t know what they become and where you will meet them again.

6. Honesty and loyalty are always the best policy, so be one.

7. Focus, daily improve and give time to taste success or to become an expert.

8. Don’t rush. Enjoy the spike, which will teach you many lessons but tell all that you will rise twice than the fall or the previous one.

9. Read books as they don’t lie.

10. Have faith and believe that there is a greater power operating this universe and try to connect with it.

11. Learn to be lonely as even your wife will fear to travel in that route!

12. Make it happen and be a blessing to inspire more!

Jerin Jacob: Thank you so much Adman for sharing your experiences and insights with us. I am sure you have indeed inspired the readers one way or the other way through out the conversation!

How to Scale Your Business As An Ethical Entrepreneur?

Today, with us we have Murshidah Said (International Trainer, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian & Traveler).

Murshidah has training clients from Hewlett Packard (Singapore), HDB (Singapore), Ministry of Higher Learning (Malaysia), Ministry of Defence (Singapore) and many such. Her social enterprise has been doing humanitarian works to eradicate poverty around the world.

Murshidah has more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur adding value to the society. In case you want to learn how to serve high profile clients, to scale up while staying ethical and to get inspired by her story. Read on!

Me: Hi Murshidah, It’s indeed an honour to have you with us today!

Murshidah: Pleasure is all mine.

Q1: Okay, let’s start off by hearing about yourself and your family first!

I have an 11-year-old daughter and one husband! 😀 My husband Zeal and I have been in business together since we got married in 2004. We met in Kuala Lumpur. He is Malaysian and I am Singaporean.


Q2: So as a family you all have been going through the Ramadan fasting, right? So for you what’s Ramadan? what is it that all of us can learn from Ramadan?

Ramadan is about fasting not only from food and water – which helps us understand how people who do not have much to live. Especially those living in poverty all over the world.

But Ramadan also helps us to fast from negativity. Negative thoughts, words, and actions. 30 days is a good time to instil new positive habits. Actually, new habits take 2 weeks of consistency to be created.


Q3: Awesome! Now, let’s shift gears and jump into business, so you said you and your husband are working together on your venture, tell us more about your business, and what are the achievements so far?

We run a corporate training company which educates government officers and corporations on the values of LOVE & RESPECT. So for the last 10 years, I am the principal trainer for corporations and he runs the public workshops for teens and people who want to learn to be trainers in accelerated learning.

While we educate corporate executives on values of LOVE & RESPECT, we also bring them along with us to GIVE to others like the homeless, orphans and low-income families.

So our training company has a One Help One Business Model. Every paid corporate training contributes to the mindset change and skills-based training to help those living in poverty to come out of poverty.

So recently, one year ago, another social enterprise was born out of that business, called LOVE & RESPECT Transformation Centre which focuses on providing long-term solutions to help refugees, homeless and low-income families out of the poverty mindset. Just as I had helped corporate executives come out of their limiting beliefs.

So far, our message and work have gone out internationally from Singapore and Malaysia to Brunei and Cambodia. Our work has reached out to poverty areas in the Philippines through those who have met and learned from us.

Me: Very interesting and truly praiseworthy efforts you are doing.

Murshidah: Thank you!


Q4: Tell us more about your LOVE & RESPECT project, how love and respect connect to poverty eradication?

LOVE & RESPECT eradicates the scarcity mindset. When your mind is focused on abundance, you will see possibilities and opportunities instead of limitations.

In my corporate training, when the values of LOVE & RESPECT is instilled within the SELF, there will be less office politics, free riders, back stabbers – these resulting from only on short term thinking. With the values of LOVE & RESPECT, people will think more of long term solutions, being collaborative to work together towards a purpose.

Now bring that mindset and values into our daily lives. People will start to give more, share more, respect each other more, willing to help more. Imagine what a whole community with an abundance mindset can do for the world.

Me: That’s great. The first step towards any worthwhile outcome starts from the mind. Salutes your mission.

Murshidah: Thank you so much.


Q5: As I understand you are a passionate traveller and adventurer too. Tell us more about your travelling experiences and share us your thoughts on how travelling is important for entrepreneurs.

Travelling opens up minds and you see and understand actual situations instead of what the media portrays.

As entrepreneurs, we are seeing what possibilities we can serve a certain market. So it’s important to get to know the locals, understand their mindsets, lifestyles and what we can do to add value and be of service in their areas.

I have travelled to Europe with a backpack. Did some travel around the Middle East like Egypt, Jordan, Jerusalem, Turkey, Saudi Arabia. Every community is different and special in their cultures, yet our humanity is the same.

So as entrepreneurs, we learn to understand what people want and serve that need.


Q6: Interesting. So you have travelled to Europe as well, as you know there are news of frequent terrorist attacks in the region. Unlike never before people out of frustration are saying bad things about Islam for the stupid and unfortunate actions done by terrorist groups with their own unjustifiable agendas.

How do you feel when people generalise things and blame the religion you follow?

Again it’s all about the energy that is out there in the world. Unfortunately, humans are in such a state of imbalance right now there is so much hurt. Hurt people will hurt others unless they know how to release and instil LOVE back in their hearts.

The people who use the name of my religion and twist the words out of context to justify the evil they do to others have to deal with their own consequences. I believe in the law of Universe and they will get what they deserve for taking lives of others.

For those who hurt others back again using the name of religion and putting blame on my Faith obviously do not know or understand much about the religion. Hence, although I do feel hurt too being human, that people accuse without understanding…at the same time, I realize how uneducated people are about Islam and what Islam advocates which are peace, love and living the best life.

Goes similarly to all that is uneducated…whether Muslim or non-Muslim. They take words out of context without understanding and use it to hurt.

It’s about getting oneself educated…then there will be Peace.

Me: Learn about Islam first then you will understand every other great religion Islam also stands for peace and love for the humanity. Interesting point there.

Murshidah: Like what Abraham Lincoln said. If you don’t like somebody, get to know them. Get to know someone, ask questions, don’t assume. As entrepreneurs, we understand that as we do our needs analysis before selling to someone. We get to know our customers first 😀


Q7: Very true Murshidah, seeking to understand then feel understood is the key. Now, back to the business topic, I see that you have a large and respectable list of clients from HP, Singapore to Ministry of Science & Technology, Malaysia.

How do you manage to stick on over 20 years and scale up to this level? Your insight would be helpful for many entrepreneurs who have been seeking to go to the next level in their business?

It’s all about giving value to the client and word of mouth marketing. When you deliver your products and service, do not underdeliver. Give more and then some more of what they do not expect. It’s not about freebies. It’s about the value they get over and above when they expected after they pay you.

Then the money is also in the follow-up and building connections and business relationships.

In my business, I invest a lot of time in building relationships, connecting my clients to what can help them in their work or business and sharing knowledge.

So I would say, giving value and also word of mouth helps in growing my business

Me: Thank you for sharing that Murshidah. Valid point, when we keep adding value we will naturally scale up.


Q8: Next question, I ask most of the guests. My favourite one too. Your personal definition of ethical business and ethical entrepreneur?

I will share my take on the business as well as the person operating the business (i.e, the entrepreneur).

To put it simply I would say ethical businesses work on a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN model. Business cannot just be Win-Win as often talked about before.

  1. WIN-WIN in business is important though. Entrepreneur makes profits. The partners they work in the business makes profits. But as in the case of Sanlu milk powder incident, the business fulfils its business mission. Profitability for the company and their partners. But it’s win-win-lose.Customers are not considered in the model.
  2. So next we have WIN-WIN-WIN.Business and shareholders win. Customers benefit and enjoy the product.
    But it’s still not enough. Just take the example of illegal DVD production business. Entrepreneur and their partners win. Customers win as they can cheap pirated movies. But the original maker of the product loses. The whole business is just wrong. It’s unethical. It’s stealing.
  3. So to me, ethical business and entrepreneurs work on a win-win-win-win model. The fourth win is the values behind the business. IE no stealing, it’s not hurting a community or the environment, fair-trade, no hidden ingredients that are not disclosed to the public.That is my summarised definition



Q9: Well explained. Loved it. Now let’s dive and talk about your city Kuala Lumpur as we are reaching the end of the conversation. Tell us about the opportunities and the places we must see there.

The food is just awesome! Come experience the local food and best if you go with a local to bring you to experience great local food.

There are many interesting sites you can visit like the KL Tower, KLCC and the Petronas Towers, the Museum, the Bukit Bintang shopping areas, Batu Caves, Chinatown and Masjid India areas if you looking for more culture and handicrafts and fashion.

As an entrepreneur, I am happy to say that I notice many businesses operating here in KL. If you are an entrepreneur looking to meet more entrepreneurs and networks, Kuala Lumpur has many business networking events and I would recommend that you visit a Rootwommers business meeting where entrepreneurs meet to word of mouth market each other.

Entrepreneurs grow their businesses and some became millionaires through word of mouth marketing.

Me: RootWommers – I take note of that. Hope those are reading also will explore the same. Thank you for recommending the places as well.


Q10: Do you have any offer to those who have been reading this long yet very insightful interview, should I link them to anywhere they can further connect with you or any other offer you can add further value to them?

Do send me an email at introducing yourself and what you hope to achieve in your life or business.

I would be happy to work with you or connect you to someone whom you may learn or benefit from.

So email me, and I will give you my FREE video on what is TRUE SUCCESS and you can also follow me on Facebook or Instagram for updates on my programs and projects that you may want to be involved in.


Final Thoughts:

We have gone through many stages in economy and business. We are in the stage of Disruption.

For entrepreneurs to grow, stay focused on the natural laws of the universe which include the laws of giving and reciprocity. The laws of gratitude. In this age of knowledge too, despite all the chaos, a new level of awareness has risen.They are the Ethical Entrepreneurs who practice Conscious Capitalism.

Let us aim to grow big in our influence worldwide going back to values-based businesses. Work together to collaborate and give value to the world.

In other words, let our businesses and entrepreneurs grow worldwide to spread more LOVE, RESPECT and more GOOD around the world.

Me: I have really enjoyed talking to you. I have a lot of takeaways from this interview hope those who read also must have had the similar experience. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. Deepest gratitude for investing your valuable time with us.

Murshidah: You’re welcome! Thanks for your time too.


Please comment below in case you want to ask anything to Murshidah which I missed asking.

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How To Start Your Business with Zero Capital and Grow Your Business While Staying Ethical!

Today, we have Jennifer De Leon with us. She is the CEO & Founder, Staryard Logistics Services. She started her business with no capital. She trusted her vision and started off with 5 clients in the logistics and customs brokerage industry. Her company has grown now to 75 clients and is serving successfully in Manila, Philippines.

Hope her story of running an ethical business will inspire you and will help you learn some insights from her experiences.

Jerin: Happy to have you with us, Jennifer.

Jennifer: My pleasure Jerin


Q1: So let me start off by asking you to do a quick introduction about yourself. Tell us, more about you?

Well I am the mother of 4 grown kids and a grandchild. I’m 45, started my business 6 years ago with a handful of clients, 5 to be exact.


Q2: That’s nice, tell us more about your business? What exactly is your service?

Staryard is a logistics and customs clearance company handling imports and exports of different products.We have partner warehouses all over China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

I started with no capital. Having spent most of my career in the industry, clients would tell me why not set up your own? So with their trust and a lot of guts. Staryard was born. It was actually born out of a crisis. It is the classic case of turning crisis into an opportunity then to a blessing.


Q3: Oh! that’s truly inspiring. Starting off with no capital and sustaining and growing for more than 6 years. By the way, Jennifer, what kind of crisis you are talking about?

Jennifer: Well,  I was working with my sister,  who was the original “broker”. We had an argument and we decided to part ways. I was there,  wondering how I was going to survive and feed 4 kids.

I was working 3 jobs at that time… sleeping only 4 hours per day for 2 years. It was a very challenging time. My friend, who later joined me as my co-founder and my ex-husband encouraged me to venture into my own.

Believe me Jerin, I was so scared at the time. But I figured, hey I don’t have anything to lose as it was already rock bottom. And who knows, it might work.

Jerin: That’s right. When we are in the rock bottom, the only way we have is to go up.

Jennifer: There’s no other way but up,  correct.


Q4: Okay, so during this 6 years journey, in the initial days you must have really struggled as most entrepreneurs do. How did you manage the stress?

Jennifer: With a lot of prayers. In my country,  there is a holiday called Holy Week. In those weeks, I would go to as many churches as I could and offered prayers asking the Blessed Mother for success in business.

Stress is a part of every entrepreneur’s life. We need to deal with the uncertainty of not having a stable paycheck. For a single mother that was really scary. We need to deal with the stress of the competition and the challenges of being innovative and keep our clients happy.

My faith is very strong. I lean on no one but God.

Jerin: Prayers do deliver miracles! I am also a strong believer in prayers (regardless of which religion or God we believe in).

Jennifer: Yes prayers = miracles.


Q5: Superb! Your point made me ask, how do you make your clients happy and I see you have 75 active clients, how do you make them stick to your business than go to your competitor?

Jennifer: We go the extra mile for them. It sounds cliche’ but really in this business of rock bottom prices, our only way is to innovate. We offer complementary services that make their life easier. So they can completely rely on us and focus on growing their business.

Jerin: That’s a cool way to make clients happy – complementary services. I think many of us can use this advice.

Jennifer: For instance, a client prefers us not for our fast releasing services, but the way we take over coordination with his suppliers, and stripping/stuffing to transport it to another area of the country, making it an end to end solution. All they need to do is choose their goods, pay and we take care of bringing it here and getting it to them.


Q6: Cool, there are two crucial stages in the entrepreneurship journey. One is starting up and another scaling up. You have shared with us how you started up turning your crisis into a blessing. Now tell us what’s your secret sauce to scaling up?

Scaling up for us involves adding more to the team and adding more services. We have also started building a fleet of vans⁠⁠⁠⁠.

From me and my co-founder, we are now an 8 person team. We have also added services like:

  • LCL consolidation – we pick up shipments from anywhere in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and consolidate release, deliver to our different clients’ doorstep.
  •  Through our global trade partner, we offer exporters funding to ship their products to the US, Europe, Middle East, Japan and Singapore.

We scale up by adding more services as we go along, as we feel out the needs of our clients. If they need something,  we build a solution even if it is not within our scope of service.

I am passionate about taking our business to the next level. We recently signed up to a business mastery program called Industry Rockstar, they are business growth coaches.


Q7: Awesome. how important has been the business development and personal development training for your entrepreneurship journey? What programs and books do you recommend?

Very important, I am passionate about continuous learning. Now that my kids are grown, I spend Saturdays just attending seminars and learning something new. Keeps us feeling young.

I listen to podcasts basically – from Robin Sharma and Tony Robbins.

I read biographies of Steve Jobs and Oprah. I love Oprah’s story and legacy, she is my champion.


Q8: Super cool! I too love Steve Jobs like most entrepreneurs. Now, this is my favourite question, what are your personal definitions of ethical business and ethical entrepreneur?

Jennifer: I knew you would ask!

I am sure you are aware, our industry is laden with corruption. It is prevalent in my country but our government is already taking steps to improve it.

As an ethical conscious business and entrepreneur, I have encountered offers to earn easy money – big enough to secure my future and that of my children. I choose though, to stay responsible and avoid it. What if that was my son who gets hurt by a drug addict? Or uses it?  I would rather work hard and earn money with a clear conscience than be filthy rich with the blood of drugs on my hands.

An ethical entrepreneur is one who stays true to her values and beliefs, knowing that what I am building is for my children and the next generation.

Jerin: That’s truly a wonderful sharing which inspires many entrepreneurs to stay ethical no matter what. When we can think about the long-term consequences than the short term gain, we can choose to be an ethically conscious entrepreneur.

Jennifer: When you are in business, you go a long way by thinking long term in every relationship, and see how you can add value.


Q9: Cool, so we are about to wind up the session, let us know why we should visit Manila, Philippines, other than to meet an awesome person like you?

Haha!  My country is beautiful – we have awesome beaches,  our people are very friendly and welcoming. Filipinos are perhaps the only race in the world who smiles through adversity. Check the pics after Yolanda (was one of the most intense tropical cyclones on record. On making landfall, Haiyan devastated portions of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines)


Q10:  Awesome! So for those who have been reading this interview, do you have any special offers for them?

  • For the readers,  it has been my pleasure. If you need a logistics and customs clearance agent in the Philippines, please check us on our Facebook page: Staryard Logistics.
  • If you also need funding shipping goods to the countries I mentioned, please let me know!
  • Lastly, we are also open for BPO companies doing services for multinational companies as clients, we can fund through our global trade partner, present in 17 countries


Final Thoughts⁠⁠⁠⁠

Jennifer: Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. Every business has a story to share.  Just remember it is about the journey, whatever the challenges there is always something to be grateful for.

Jerin: Jennifer, I have personally learnt a lot from you. Hope those who have been reading this would also benefit from this conversation. Thank you so much for your time with us!

Jennifer: You are welcome!  Pleasure is all mine Jerin.


Please comment below in case you want to ask anything to Jennifer which I missed asking.

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What Happened to These 5 Great Leaders When They Broke the Rules (It’s Not What You Think)!

Have you ever got frustrated of being forced to follow rules? If so, you are not alone, many great leaders also felt the same. Please read on to discover how these great leaders broke rules in life and what happened to them.

The 1st Leader

When he returned to India to fight against the colonial rule. He had a choice to declare a blood shedding war against Britain like every other freedom fighting leaders had been. He could have gained support from the enemy countries of Britain and could have led a brutal war with his moral authority.

Yet what he did was he broke the rule on how wars were fought. He introduced a new way of freedom fighting, to respect enemies and to protest peacefully without hurting anyone – that’s how non-violence movement was born.

You must have guessed this great leader already – Ghandhiji.

In case Ghandhiji had followed what every other leader were doing in his time, he would have never become the legend whom the world is learning from, nor he would have considered as the father of the nation.

The 2nd Leader

He was another passionate entrepreneur who started up his company inside a garage in Silicon Valley well before the place became famous as the leading IT hub in the world. He was obsessed to create a computer which everyone can use. Back then big companies where creating computers for industrial purpose. But this person went on to create computers for personal use.

He was breaking the rules of competition. His personal computers created an industry of its own rather than competing with the biggies then, directly.

When he introduced world’s first translucent personal computer (iMac 1998), when he introduced world’s first computer generated animation film (Pixar’s Toy Story), when he introduced 1000 songs in a pocket (iPod), when he introduced first smartphone (iPhone), he wasn’t actually competing with anyone else, but was creating  an industry of its own.

Yes, you must have guessed this great entrepreneur right – Steve Jobs.

Though he and his team might have projected IBM back then and later Microsoft as their competitors for tackling the legal issues related to anti-monopoly laws in capitalism. Apple has always built niche industries unlike everyone else, while others were busy competing against price and features.

In case Steve had followed every other Silicon Valley companies’ were doing, he would have never become one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the century.

The 3rd Leader

He had been sent to live with his maternal grandparents until he was 7, as their parents couldn’t afford to take care another kid. In his grandparents’ house, he had complete freedom even not to choose to schooling. He went on in complete silence for many days and their grandparents maintained a space for him to be in that state so that he could think deeply.

This early age meditative living had hugely impacted his intellect. Later he immersed in books and by his age of 18 he had read over 3000 books which include books of – Plato, Socrates, Marx, Freud, many great philosophers and psychologists.

Later years he became a well-known spiritual guru along with a sheer number of controversies as he talked against institutionalised religions.

He famously quoted against institutionalised religions:

“…any religion which considers life meaningless and full of misery, and teaches the hatred of life, is not a true religion. Religion is an art that shows how to enjoy life”

There are many people who disagree with him but they cannot ignore this man named – Osho Rajaneesh.

Even though he died in 1990 there are millions of followers around the globe who are still listening to and practising his doctrines who broke the rules on how to live.

In case Osho had followed the rules we would have lost one of the most influential spiritual teachers of the second half of the 20th century as credited by Penguin Books.

The 4th Leader

When his daughter died just before her fourth birthday he went on to a year of silence. He thought her daughter being affected by polio and her death was because of his carelessness. One day on his peak of despair, he tried to commit suicide, as per his account, he heard an invisible voice talking to him directly as below:

“You do not have the right to eliminate yourself. You do not belong to you. You belong to Universe. Your significance will remain forever obscure to you, but you may assume that you are fulfilling your role if you apply yourself to converting your experiences to the highest advantage of others”

Since then he had invented many things and written over 30 books to contribute to the humanity. We can call him the master of breaking rules. For the sake of this blog post, I’m picking his reinvented structure named Geodesic Dome which is one of its kind of a structure, this was a revolutionising way of constructing the buildings.

A picture will explain a thousand words about it, here it’s:

The whole structure is built with a series of triangular elements which has a larger capacity to withstand heavy loads than any other structure, it was light weighted and the most cost effective architectural solution.

The one who broke this rule of architecture was – Buckminster Fuller.

He is considered truly a man ahead of his time, Einstein once said to him: “Young man, you amaze me!”.

Had Buckminster Fuller followed the rules of architecture, the carbon molecules with the structural resemblance of Geodesmic Dome wouldn’t have named after him – Fullerness.

The 5th Leader

This person was born in this world to great parents. Since birth, this person has been curious to understand many things, yet the people around couldn’t provide the right answers.

Later this person had to join the educational system and started learning to follow the rules of competition, not to talk too much, never to question things, wearing same uniforms as everyone else and hundreds of things which had been passed down from ages, especially from the industrial age, where people had to be trained to do the jobs of governments and the large industrial complexes. Skilled workers for specific tasks were needed that time.

Even that person was born in the information age, where automation was taking over redundant jobs, that person had to undergo this imposing of out-dated rules.

That person’s heart knew:

“I am not meant to follow the rules everyone else has set on me, I am the one who meant to create rules which my heart says and to contribute for our universe to move forward”.

This person is you and me! We all are born with a unique mission to serve the humanity!

But people around us – our schools, politicians, religion and everything we call “the system” – always tries to make us to be like someone else, to work like someone else, to worship like someone else.

The truth is, like the first 4 great leaders did, we all can create rules and design our lives the way we wanted to. Yet there is a catch, when we create our own rules, mix them with ‘love’. Only then the life becomes truly magnificent for us and to everyone around us. Ghandhiji mixed love in wars, Steve mixed love in products, Osho mixed love in his preachings, Bucky mixed love for humanity. So can you…

Let’s break some rules with love!

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