How to Grow Multiple Brands in Honest and Ethical Ways?

Today, we have Adman a.k.a Blessing (CEO of Paulsons Group) with us. When Adman joined Franchise India they had no office at Chennai, so he used his car as his office and used nearby Satyam Theatre for Afternoon AC to get away from the heat of Chennai and for popcorn lunch. From there, Adman has consulted 100s […]

How to Scale Your Business As An Ethical Entrepreneur?

Today, with us we have Murshidah Said (International Trainer, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian & Traveler). Murshidah has training clients from Hewlett Packard (Singapore), HDB (Singapore), Ministry of Higher Learning (Malaysia), Ministry of Defence (Singapore) and many such. Her social enterprise has been doing humanitarian works to eradicate poverty around the world. Murshidah has more than 20 years […]

How To Start Your Business with Zero Capital and Grow Your Business While Staying Ethical!

Today, we have Jennifer De Leon with us. She is the CEO & Founder, Staryard Logistics Services. She started her business with no capital. She trusted her vision and started off with 5 clients in the logistics and customs brokerage industry. Her company has grown now to 75 clients and is serving successfully in Manila, […]

What Happened to These 5 Great Leaders When They Broke the Rules (It’s Not What You Think)!

Have you ever got frustrated of being forced to follow rules? If so, you are not alone, many great leaders also felt the same. Please read on to discover how these great leaders broke rules in life and what happened to them. The 1st Leader When he returned to India to fight against the colonial […]

3 Steps To Build Your Personal Brand Like Steve Jobs!

(Originally published in HereNow Digital) The biggest differentiator between your business and your competitors’ is YOU. Your unique way of doing things, your unique values in life, your unique experiences in life. Those things can never be copied. In case you can mix your personality with your business, you are already standing out from the crowd. So […]

Why Should Your Business Have Strong Social Media Presence?

(Originally published in HereNow Digital) Everyone knows the importance of social media and half of them already have a Facebook page for their business. But the truth of the matter is that they are not active as they should be. Let me share the 3 reasons why you should be active on social media: Door-to-door Selling […]

Digital Nomads and Their Impact on Human Race!

Digital nomads are the ones who are location independent and self-sustaining individuals. They earn and work by following their obsessive dreams from anywhere in the world they love. They travel. They contribute. They inspire others to enjoy the same freedom than to be stuck in any kind of a system! I believe near future generations […]

4.5 Golden Rules for Creating Shareable Content in Social Media!

Before social media, word-of-mouth marketing was the talk of the town to create a buzz about a product or service. Word-of-mouth is nothing but someone talking about a product or service to his/her friends – without expecting any benefit for the endorsement but out of the passion for the product or service. But these days […]

How You Too Can Innovate Like Apple?

There are two types of entrepreneurs, one set who loves copying ideas from their competitors and another set who believes in coming up with original ideas. Some say copying ideas are not the right business practice and are unethical. Another set says it’s perfectly okay to copy rather than reinventing the wheel. The right way should be […]

3 Simple Tricks to Become Like Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg!

First of all my apologies to disappoint you by telling the truth that you cannot become Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg anymore; those names have been already defined by themselves. Yet don’t worry, you have an interesting choice that is to become the best version of yourself and make people write articles with your names as the subject line, just like […]